Milwaukee Ratcheting Wrench Set Review

Milwaukee Ratcheting Wrench Set Review

Milwaukee isn’t new to the hand tool world but they are one of the newest players. It’s amazing to think that not too long ago we were at a media event and they were showing off their new hand tools. Now looking at their hand tool line, they have really grown over the years. At first, I thought it was cool, but wasn’t a huge fan of their hand tools. Now that they have had some time to grow and redesign some previous versions, I am loving their hand tools. Today we are going to go over the Milwaukee Ratcheting Wrench Set Review and see how these stack up.

Milwaukee Ratcheting Wrench Set Review Overview

When Milwaukee first introduced us to their screwdrivers and other hand tools, I wasn’t sold on the comfort. While the build quality was great, it was just lacking that quality in comfort. In the past couple of years, they have taken big steps to start designing desirable hand tools.

A while back we reviewed the Milwaukee wrench review and love the design, the feel, and comfort. These new wrenches we are covering today are pretty much the same style, but with a twist.

Milwaukee Ratcheting Wrench Set Review Features

The Milwaukee ratcheting wrench set comes in two models and both are 7 piece kits.

The wrenches offer a 2.5° of Arc Swing.

Milwaukee Combination Wrench Set Review

I am a huge fan of the original wrenches we reviewed so I was happy to Milwaukee stuck with the same design and feel as the original.

Milwaukee Combination Wrench Set Review

I really like how the I-Beam is a little wider in the middle.  For me, this just gives it a nice feeling when using it.

Milwaukee Combination Wrench Set Review

On the open end, Milwaukee calls this the Max Bite which they say provides better grip on nuts and bolts and also offers more torque than smooth-faced wrenches.

Milwaukee Combination Wrench Set Review

On the ratcheting side of the wrench, Milwaukee built this with a 144 ratcheting position

While I love the wrenches, I had to admit I am also a huge fan of the wrench holder. Usually, this is an afterthought but I like the way these are set up.

Milwaukee Combination Wrench Set Review

As you can see they have a handle to carry them around but I also like the fact that on the case, you can see the size. I do wish it was a little more predominant, but it still serves its purpose.

Milwaukee Combination Wrench Set Review

Once you open the cover, you can lift up on the wrench to get it out of the case,  This system means your wrench will stay in place and not all fall out.

Milwaukee Ratcheting Wrench Set Review Performance

Milwaukee Combination Wrench Set Review

I understand that the real test of time for a hand tool is time itself. For the period we have been using them I have to say that besides the quality of them, the comfort really stands out. Not only does it grab nuts and bolts easily and securely on the open end, but just the comfort using the wrench is a huge deal.

Milwaukee Combination Wrench Set Review

For the ratcheting side, there is a little play in the system as with other ratcheting wrenches. But again with a 144 position, you can pretty much get into very tight spots and still be able to work.

Milwaukee Ratcheting Wrench Set Review Value

You can pick up a 7 piece kit at The Home Depot for about $130. That’s about $18.50 per wrench. For me, that’s a pretty steep and hefty price tag for these. Yes, I understand that quality wrenches will cost you and you get what you pay for, but even so, it’s a lot to pay.

Yes, the quality, comfort, and power are all designed into these wrenches so for those hardcore wrench guys who use them day in and day out, they are worth a look and wouldn’t let the price tag detour you from checking them out.

Milwaukee Ratcheting Wrench Set Final Thoughts

Overall I think Milwaukee is pushing forward with their hand tools and really coming out with tools that will compete against some of the players who have been around longers. They are starting to turn me into a huge fan as I love the design and the comfort of the wrenches.


  1. WOW, $130.00. Eric I am with you on the price, it does seem steep. I guess if you were a pro and it was a tool of your trade it is easier to justify.


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