Milwaukee Radius Site Light Review

Milwaukee Radius Site Light Review

When it comes to job site lighting, Milwaukee is one of the front runners.  They took a category that was largely overlooked and capitalized on it by creating a wide variety of job site lighting for different scenarios.  They have cordless lights that run off their 12V battery platform, 18V battery platform and also corded lights you can run all day.  Professional tradesmen can’t always dictate where they work and their environment.  There are a lot of times they work in dim areas.  So when it comes to job site lighting, light is everything.  So let’s jump forward and take a look at the Milwaukee Radius Site Light Review.

Milwaukee Radius Site Light Review Overview

A while back we reviewed the Milwaukee Radius light which is an awesome light.  This one is the same but different.  The compact version is great for smaller areas.  The Milwaukee Radius Site light is a much bigger light designed for bigger areas.

Before we jump into the light, let me tell you this is more than just a light with an on/off button.

Milwaukee Radius Site Light Review Features

Milwaukee Radius Site Light Review

The Milwaukee 2150-20 light puts out a whopping 9,000 lumens and provides a true 360° coverage.

Milwaukee Radius Site Light Review

The front panel has a nice design which is easy to use.  On the top, it will illuminate depending upon if you are using battery power or plugged directly into a power source.

Below you will have your fuel status.  Directly below the battery power, you can turn the light on or off, increase or decrease the brightness or decide which lights you want on.

The light can be powered by 1 or two batteries, plus you have the option to use AC power.

Milwaukee Radius Site Light Review

The light can be controlled from your mobile device using the Milwaukee One-Key.

Controlling and using the software is extremely easy.  As a note, the software will not work on certain older iPhones or iPads.  You can control the light up to 100′ away.

The light features two-bay sequential chargers.  While you are using the light, it runs off the battery.  Once you plug the light into AC, the batteries will charge.  Each side of the bay doors has an area to pad lock so no one can take your batteries while you’re away.

The plugs are covered to protect against the environment.  You can connect up to 6 of these lights together.

Milwaukee Radius Site Light Review

There is a built in handle to carry it from location to location.

The light uses tripod legs for stability.  Each leg is protected with a rubber pad which not only protects the leg but protects the surface the light is sitting on.

Milwaukee Radius Site Light Review

The top is protected with a plastic bumper system.  The rubber area also acts as a handle to move around.

Milwaukee Radius Site Light Review

The 2150 features a high impact polycarbonate lens and IP54 ingress protection against dust and water.  The lens cover also diffuses the light so it’s not a blaring light that blinds you.

With the light, you have the option to do a full 360° light or you can turn off each side for a 180° light.

Milwaukee Radius Site Light Review Performance

The light does a great job throwing light in a true 360°.  We are working on our attic and as you can see it does a great job lighting up an area with a clean looking light.

I took the light outside to give you a better idea of how far the light really shines plus how you can see a true color with this light.

The One-Key is a nice feature and I love how you can use the timer and other functions. The sequential charger works as advertised.

In the end, this is really about having a good, clean light for the job site.  If that’s what you need, this light performs.

Milwaukee Radius Site Light Review Value

In regards to value, some will look at this as a drop in the bucket while others will think it comes with a hefty price tag.  The light retails for about $600 at The Home Depot.

If you are just looking for a simple lighting solution, the $600 price tag is a sticker shock. However, if you need a tough light that really throws light in all direction, plus the ability to control it from your phone, this is the light to have.

When you really look at what you are getting, the $600 isn’t bad.  You get a bright light that will last the job site abuse.  You get a charger and long run time.  Plus you can customize how you use this light.

Milwaukee Radius Site Light Review Final Thoughts

Bottom line, this light kicks butt.  While it’s on the pricey side, there are plenty of tradesmen who will benefit from the features and set up of this light.  The light is extremely bright and throws light in all directions.  While some people might not benefit from the One-Key, there is no doubt others will love and welcome these cool features.  The Light is designed to be tough and take job site abuse.

The Home Depot


  1. Sticker shock indeed… I would have to be back working on commercial construction full time before I could even begin to think about one of these. Residential construction or remodel was too marginal to expense lighting at this price point easily. 🙁

  2. That is a light for a professional to say the least. For the average home owner this is just way to much. Nice light and it would be great to have but at that price you better have cash to burn.


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