Milwaukee Power Port Review



Looking for a quick boost of power?  Take a look at the Milwaukee M12 Power Port.  This is one of Milwaukee’s newest line ups to their M12 Lithium line. The power port is a great way to take power to a portable level.  Over the years there has been some other companies who have tried this, but so far they have never caught on.  Makita, Black & Decker and a couple others had a portable system, but for one reason or another, they never really made it big.  We think Milwaukee has a big shot with this one and for a couple of reasons.  First is the Lithium battery power supply.  This system is very light, weighing only about 1 lb. for the port and the battery.  Second the system is very compact, so it doesn’t take up a lot of room to store.  Third and probably the biggest reason, Milwaukee has a huge M12 line up.  They currently have over 12 different tools for the M12 line and have plans on adding more to this line.  So basically a user is not just buying a battery and a power port.  Most users will already have the M12 line of tools and this port just makes a great addition to the line.  Considering the port only cost about $30, it is a small investment compared to other power port options in the past.

The Milwaukee power port, model number 2349-20, has a DC and USB port that allows a user to charge 2 devices at once.  This system is designed to charge small electronics such as cell phones, iPods, GPS units and other devices.  According to Milwaukee, a user can charge up to 5 devices with one fully charged M12 battery, we are going to take their word for this as we didn’t actually test how many devices you can charge.  However we did charge an iPod and iPhone when they each needed about a 75% charge.  Afterwards, the M12 battery was still showing a full LED power indication.

A couple of things to note about this device is the system has a built in electronic overload protection to help protect your electronics.  The DC output is 3 amps and the USB output is 750MA.  There is an LED light on the port which shows how much power is left on the battery charge.  On the cover there is also a legend to show what each light represents, such as a flashing light, steady light and so on.

For our review there is not a lot to test.  As we noted we did charge an iPhone and iPod from a 25% charge to a 100% charge.  The power indicator was still full, so we can see how you can charge at least 5 devices with this port system.  Another item we really liked was this is very light weight and very compact, so its not going to take up a lot of room.

Final thoughts on the Milwaukee M12 Power Port

The Milwaukee power port is a nice add on to Milwaukee’s M12 line, its practical and could be used for a variety of applications.  Now a days, its pretty hard to find a spot where you don’t have power, even on a new construction site, you at least have power in the trailer.  It might be great for someone working in a new high rise where they are leading the way and there is no power available.  You can carry this to the upper floors and at least charge your phone, etc.  Where we do see a big use for the port system is for an outdoors-man such as camping, fishing, hunting or something along that line.  You can use it to run an air pump and best of all its small enough and light enough to carry with you to charge your phone day to day.


  1. This is just a cool product. I always wanted a portable charger. When I hunt my phone would always go dead in the middle of nowhere. Now I will never have that problem again. Great idea by Milwaukee!!


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