Milwaukee Polisher – M18 FUEL 7” Variable Speed Polisher – 2738-22

Milwaukee Polisher

Well Milwaukee Tool is at it again.  Once again trying to push the limits and break the rules.  This time Milwaukee introduced their new Milwaukee polisher to the market.  Dan or myself are not detailers, but luckily we had Pat who has a ton of experience in detailing and automotive.  Before we get into what Pat thinks of this tool, let’s just give you a little background and stats about the tool.

Milwaukee Polisher

Milwaukee PolisherMilwaukee had their M12 polisher available for some time, so it only makes sense that they tackled it with the M18 platform.  Milwaukee designed this polisher around their Brushless motor and this polisher features a 7″ variable speed design.  Yes, all this makes it the world’s first full size cordless polisher.  The Milwaukee Polisher 2738-22 comes with a ton of added accessories.  First, it comes with 2 5Ah batteries and a rapid charger.  According to Milwaukee, the polisher will complete one car per battery.  Now I am not sure if the car is a Smart car or a monster truck, but either way, that’s great for a cordless tool.  You also get the following items:

  • 7″ Wool Cutting Pad
  • 7″ Yellow Foam Polishing Pad
  • 7″ Black Foam Finishing Pad
  • Backing Pad
  • Screen Cover

Milwaukee included both a side handle and a Bail handle, so which ever option you like, you are set to go.  As I noted the polisher is a variable speed with a thumb roll to adjust the speed from 0-2,200 rpm’s.  As with all the Milwaukee tools, the Milwaukee Polisher comes with a 5 year warranty.

Milwaukee Polisher – Pat’s Thoughts

Dan and myself are not detailers, but again we are lucky to know Pat who is one of the best detailers around.  So we had a chance to bring it out to him and get his thoughts.  As you can see in the video, Pat had a chance to check it out. His first thoughts were that he loved the idea of having a cordless polisher and cutting the cord.  Before he had a chance to pick up the tool, his main concern was the weight.  He didn’t want something too heavy where you have to fight the tool, but he also didn’t want something too light where he would always have to be putting pressure on it. After checking out the tool, he said he felt the tool was a perfect weight and great for detailing.  As you can see by the video below, he really loved this polisher.  His only complaint was where the speed dial was placed.  For him it was in the way of his hand and would cause irritation after a while.

From my stand point, I can’t tell you to run out and buy this polisher because I really don’t know the first thing. However I do know Pat and trust his word when it comes to automotive things.  So if Pat says it’s a great tool, that’s all I need.




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