Porter Cable 20V Drill and Impact

porter cable

I am not sure how you feel about Porter Cable, but for me, I have a hard time figuring out where it fits in.  When I say that, it’s not a knock against them.  I just don’t know if they are hitting the homeowner or the pro.  As an example, the new drill and impact we are going to talk about today.  In my opinion, both the drill and impact are quality tools, but with a price tag of only $150 with 2 batteries.  While I think this drill and impact can be used by the pros because I truly feel like they are great tools, I am not too sure their reciprocating saw would get the same welcome from the pros.  So it’s up to you where you feel like Porter Cable fits in the market.  So now onto the drill and impact.

Porter Cable Drill PCCK607LB

porter cableThere are a couple features of this tool that stick out to me.  First, this is designed with a brushless motor.  Now a days that is just the way the industry is going.  No brushes to change, more power and hopefully a longer life.  So I am glad to see that Porter Cable has adapted this new type of motor.  The motor is powered by their 20V lithium-ion battery, which the tool comes with two batteries.  Speaking of batteries, I do wish they had a juice gauge on the battery instead of the tool.  For me, it’s a pain in the A** to design a tool this way.  I would much rather just pick up a battery, press a button to see how much life is left.  I know it’s not a huge deal to put it on a tool and see the status, but I guess that is just a first world problem I am dealing with.  One feature I am happy to see Porter Cable implement on this drill is the two sleeve system.  One ring will control the torque setting and the other will adjust screw/drilling mode.  This set up makes it much easier when doing repetitive drilling and screwing.  On the top of the drill, you can select from 1 speed (low) to 2 speed (high).

Again, I have a hard time finding where this drill lays in the consumer market.  I guess in the end it doesn’t really matter.  The bottom line is I like this drill.  It’s comfortable and has some power to it.  The drill only weighs 3.3 lbs and that is with the battery.  Overall the length is pretty short making it easy to get into tight spaces.  Next time you are at Lowes, pick one of these up and let me know your thoughts.  I love this drill, but always love to hear what people think.

Porter Cable Impact Driver PCCK647LB

Porter Cable also did a great job with their design of the impact driver.  As with the drill, the impact uses a brushless motor which spins the 1/4″ hex chuck at 0-2,700 with 0-3,100 ipm.  I know some people say they don’t care about the feel of the tool, but for me it’s important.  Porter Cable did a great job with their design.  I know Dan thinks it’s a little big, but for me it’s pretty comfortable.  Again my only complaint about the impact driver is the battery fuel gauge.  The gauge is located on the tool and not on the battery.

Overall, I think Porter Cable did a nice job with their introduction of the brushless drill and impact.  As Dan said, the price point isn’t bad on either tool.  Both tools have power to get most of your drilling and screwing needs done. However I am very curious to what everyone else thinks about this drill and impact.  Let us know by leaving a comment below or on our YouTube video.


  1. Ive had the PC 20v line for afew years now,nice to see they made the jump to brushless but why they didnt make the new impact multi speed seems kinda dumb to me. I’ll wait till my other ones die and then decide if I get these or not. Ive always found the handle grips to be quite comfy as I have large hands.


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