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Milwaukee Packout Compact Tool Box

Milwaukee Packout Compact Tool Box

Milwaukee is known for releasing a ton of new and innovative products.  One of the biggest hits has been the release of the Packout storage system.  The Packout is so popular because it’s tough, modular, easy to use and you’re not limited to a couple of different boxes.  You can really customize a solution to your needs.  Speaking of setting up your storage solution, Milwaukee released another box, the Milwaukee Packout Compact Tool Box.  Let’s take a look.

Milwaukee Packout Compact Tool Box – Information

Milwaukee Packout Compact Tool Box – Features

The box is constructed with an impact-resistant polymer and can hold up to 75 lbs of weight. The box offers an IP65 rating which means the weather will not affect what’s on the inside of the box.

As with the other Packout solutions in this line, the box is modular and can be quickly and easily integrated with your current Packout system.

The box is designed with a hideaway handle when not in use or if you want to put other Packout boxes on top.

Milwaukee doesn’t cheap out with the latches.  The metal latches secure the lid and prevent it from opening even on drops and falls.

When you open the box, you will have access to a top removable tray.  The tray is great for hand tools, accessories, fasteners or a wide range of other items.

Once you remove the tray, you have access to the bottom for large items you want to store.

One cool feature is dividers.  The box comes with dividers so if you want to get even more organized, it’s easy and you can use one or multiple dividers to set up the box for your use.

Milwaukee Packout Compact Tool Box – Impressions

The compact tool Box offers the same high quality as the other boxes in this system.  I love the top tray and like how I can have and size different dividers on the bottom of the box.  As with the other, it’s very easy to use, the latch is top quality and you can access any box quickly.

Milwaukee Packout Compact Tool Box – Wrap Up

I am a huge fan of the Packout system.  I love how I can tailor a solution to my needs, I love the quality and toughness, I love how it’s modular.  In my eyes, this is the top storage solution system by any power tool manufacturer and I only see it getting better and having more storage options.

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