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Milwaukee Mobile Work Station

Wow, do I feel like a broken record.  I feel that everything I am writing is about Milwaukee Tool.  Well I guess that is a great thing for them as it shows they have been releasing tools and there is interest from the end user.  So what do we have today?  Surprise, surprise another storage solution.  We first learned about Milwaukee’s tool chest two years ago at the media event.  When we finally got our hands on the first Milwaukee tool chest, we knew things have changed in the world in regards to storage.  They created a top of the line tool storage that won’t break the bank.  Well, today they have a new product out called the Milwaukee Mobile Work Station.

Milwaukee Mobile Work StationIf you have any experience with other Milwaukee storage chests, then you will be happy to know that this unit has the same quality.  Milwaukee started out with a reinforced angle iron base for toughness.  The angle iron can take the daily abuse of any shop and allows it to keep its shape even under heavy conditions.  This sits on top of some heavy duty casters.  Have you ever tried to roll around your storage unit on crappy casters?  If yes, you know how important casters can be.  While some companies go cheap with their casters, not Milwaukee.  These casters are basically industry casters that not only roll easy, but take abuse.  Even the locking mechanism for these casters is easy and straight forward.  You are not using a rocker locking mechanism.  Instead, the locking mechanism is on/off by a simple foot pedal that locks and unlocks the casters.

Here is another issue with these types of storage units.  Without anything in the drawers, they all open nicely.  However, once you get a little weight in the drawers, that is when you start to see an issue with them bending and closing.  Milwaukee designed their drawers with 100 lb soft close drawer slides, which is a nice touch.  They are just smooth and work great.

Milwaukee Mobile Work StationThe outside of this unit has a lot to offer.  First, is the top of the unit.  This has a 1″ reversible hardwood top.  So not only does it look pretty, but it’s also functional.  On the right-hand side of the unit, you get a power supply to plug in chargers or whatever your little heart desires.  Below the power center is another shelf.  Not that I use this shelf, but it’s a nice option for some people.  On the left-hand side of the unit is a quick access tool organizer where you can store screwdrivers or other similar hand tools.

So here is the cool feature to the Milwaukee Mobile Work Station.  On the back of the unit there is a movable steel pegboard.  If you don’t want this feature, no problem, you can just loosen two screws and it will slide nicely behind the unit and you will never know it’s there.  For those of us who prefer it, it makes a great place to store tools and other items you want for quick access.

So what does this all mean?  This means you can have one bad a** 60″ mobile storage unit that can withstand the abuse of day to day work environments.  The unit has a capacity of 2,200 lbs which is more than a ton of weight in one central location.   You can spread this out with the 11 total drawers and the single multiposition cabinet, plus the top of the bench.

So what do I think of this unit?  Overall I like this unit.  It’s solid, rolls nice and is a great solution.  The quality is built in the box and I love the drawers, organization and all the features.  With that said, there are a couple of things I would like to see changed.  First, I would rather have one large drawer on the top of the unit instead of two smaller drawers.  I would rather just open up a single drawer and have access to a larger area.  Second, I would love to see another power center on the left of the unit.  One is fine, but you can never have too much power available.  The last item is the storage cabinet door.  While I love this set up, my door doesn’t always stay closed.  There is a metal plate that when closed, touches a magnet.  The magnet is a little small and it doesn’t always meet up when closed.  A larger magnet would work much better than the smaller magnet included in the unit.

Milwaukee Mobile Work Station Specifications

  • Length 24.4″
  • Width 69.2″
  • Height 38.2″
  • Weight 410 lbs

Bottom line the Milwaukee Mobile Work Station is a tough storage solution.  This is the same quality you get in the tool chest, just in a different configuration.  The casters are high quality and the drawer slides are a nice touch.  While I would change a couple items on this unit, overall it’s a solid buy for anyone looking for this type of solution.  With a 3 year limited warranty, it’s hard to go wrong.


  1. Instead of putting the swivel casters on the ends, I switched the middle set with the end so I could actually place it against a wall without having to move it back and forth to get it there…..


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