Milwaukee M18 TRUEVIEW LED Stand Light 2130-20


When it comes to lighting, Milwaukee is starting to make waves.  These new lights are innovative, sturdy, practical and offer True white lighting.  As you probably know by now, they have a new Trueview LED Light Stand model 2130.

We first saw this light at the Milwaukee Media event, but at that time it was only a prototype.  Now that we have it in our hands, I can truly say this is one nice light.  The light is powered off their M18 line of batteries.  One great feature about this light is how easy it is to set up and take down.  When you do take the light down to move, it folds up nicely and has a nice carrying handle.  Setting up the light is also very easy.  With a push of a button you can open it up and start shining some light.  When you first open it up, the light stands 4′ tall.  Flip a couple of clips and you can extend this to 7′ or anywhere in between. The battery is on the bottom of the unit and the light has a low center of gravity.  Along with the low center of gravity and the tripod legs, this light is very stable.  The head rotates in pretty much all directions, which means you can easily shed light on any place you want.

With a push of a button, you can shed up to 2,00 lumens for 4 hours (5 Ah battery).  Push the button again and you can dim the light down to 1,300 lumens with a run time of 6 hours (5 Ah Battery).  One more push and you can dim it further down to 850 lumens and increase your run time to 10 hours (5 Ah Battery).  If you have followed any of Milwaukee’s new lights, they all have Trueview.  Trueview provides a real lighting color which means orange things look orange and red things look red, pretty important when dealing with electrical wiring.  There is also a built in low battery indicator which alerts you that the battery is running low, so you’re not in the dark.

While the light is pricey, it is worth the cost if you need a good quality, dependable light.  I do wish they would have increased the lumens, but not a huge deal.  Milwaukee did a great job with the design and overall use of the light.


  1. Really cool light. I would like to get one because of the way it illuminates an area. It’s adjustability, versatility. Wish it was a little less. Wish it was a little brighter and wish it had a cord option. Thanks TIA for this review!!

  2. That’s an awesome light. Might turn to the red side. They have so many cool things. Thanks Tia for making me want to leave the yellow n black. Decisions decisions the struggle is real.


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