Hilti PR 30-HVS Rotating Laser


Hilti is known for a lot of top notch quality tools.  Tools that are designed to be in some of the most abusive work sites in the world.  When Hilti designed the PR 30-HVS rotating laser, they put the same toughness into this tool.  There are certain job sites where you need a rotating laser, but we all know that most of these lasers are more delicate than our wife’s favorite vase.  Well, Hilti put a stop to that and said not anymore.  They built a premium laser that is not only extremely accurate, but extremely tough.

We have had this laser for a long time and have had a chance to bring it to numerous job site to show them how this laser performs and each time we got the same surprised look on their face.  We would set up the laser and then purposely knock it down.  Now I have to admit, the guys who have worked with Hilti tools in the past weren’t at all surprised.  The guys who have never worked with Hilti tools, we could just see the shock on their face after we knocked it over.  One guy actually tried to catch it before it hit the ground.  I guess we should have told him first that we were knocking it over on purpose.

A rotary laser is useful for a wide range of applications such as grading, aligning, leveling and squaring.  When you do these applications you need to be accurate.  A mess up during these operations could be a disastrous outcome down the road.  So what’s so special about this laser?

As I said earlier, this laser is built to last the extremes of a job site.  The laser has built in shock absorbing handles and a receiver holder.  The protective housing is IP 66 rated, so no worries about if you’re working out in the rain or dirty environments.  You can literally have this laser on a tripod, knock the tripod over and be 100% confident that it will not only still work, but be just as reliable as the day you took it out of the box.  In fact, this unit went through the tests, MIL-STD-810G.  Yes it’s that tough.

Along with the rotary laser, you also get the PRA 30 Remote which allows you to control the laser in one device.  The unit is unaffected by sun or other light sources because of Pulse Power technology.  Besides the tough outer shell, Hilti included many items in this laser to make your life easier

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  1. First I like to say that was a nice write up on the hilti laser. Good job. You can never say enough about how well hilti tools are built and they last a long time. They are a great brand, if you get the chance, check them out.

  2. great laser with 1 major problem. when laying laser on its side to set our site square, the dropped point isnt plumb nor is it consistent.. Hilti have confirmed this with me which has left me extremely disappointed.. i feel that most people dont actual know this and therefore compound a set out mistake..


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