Milwaukee M12 Stick Light LED Review


Not too long ago we went to the Milwaukee Event.  We had the chance to see some cool new tools such as a brushless Sawzall, new heated jackets and more.  One of the coolest things we saw and we did see a lot, was the new lights by Milwaukee.  Milwaukee has two new LED lights for the M12 and M18 line.  So let’s jump in and check out the Milwaukee M12 Stick Light model 2351-20.

We have seen a lot of cool lights over the years, but this work light sets a new standard.  In the past we have seen some extremely bright lights, lights that pivot all different ways and lights with long run time, however none like the Milwaukee.

Don’t let the size and the fact that this light only has three LED lights fool you.  If I just saw a picture of this light, I really wouldn’t think much of the light.  After using it and actually seeing it in action, I love this light.  When Milwaukee designed this light, they didn’t just throw something together and say we have a new light.  They actually took time to create a very efficient and usable light.  For me it all starts with the LED lights and the reflector.

The light may only have three LED lights, but they are extremely bright.  This light puts out 220 Lumens and is operated by a push button.  Now you can have a bright light, but if the light is too focused and creates hot spots, what’s the point. With this Milwaukee light, there is a rectangle reflector that really smooths the light out.  Instead of having hot spots, the light is smooth and has an even beam across a wide area.  Milwaukee uses a replaceable, impact resistant lens, which means it can stand up to falls and tough job site conditions.

Okay, so we have a bright, smooth light.  What good is it if you can’t control where it shines?  Milwaukee has covered that also.  There is a built in Stainless Steel hook that will allow the user to position the light in horizontal and vertical positions.   This light can be powered by any of the Milwaukee Red Lithium M12 batteries.  Also it has over 4 hours of run time.  Plus what is cool is that on the side there is a battery fuel gauge so you know how much life you have left.

My only complaint is when using the light with an XC battery, it was hard to keep it in the horizontal position when using the hook.  The hook didn’t lock in place as securely.

All in all this is an awesome light and one of the best ones we have tested.  Just another reason to invest in the Milwaukee M12 line up.





  1. Dan you definately got that right, China owns us, lock stock and barrell & if they ever demand payment in full, we is
    up a creek without a paddle. Thanks to you know who. Mayne Russia will lend us trillions. LOL

  2. One more reason to jump on the milwaukee 12v bandwagon. I am still holding out for bosch to add more to their line, but milwaukee is killing the rest…

  3. cool light …going to buy one..good review dan said
    i as well still like my dewalt 12 volt light…oh well never have
    to many stick so so bright..amazing .

  4. That is an awesome Light! Great writeup Eric, There are so many features on that, Milwaukee really hit it out of the park! I cant wait to get my hands on that! Keep up the great work!

  5. Hi Guys..anyone interested have magnet rare earth made for the
    m-12 stick light sold as accessory at toolup dot com.runs 20.00
    bucks .ordered one to put on light when it comes…expensive,
    yes…cool factor ..10 scale .thought i would share with m12
    fans that do make milwaukee magnet for it…cheers.

  6. hey Eric, are you guys going to review the m18 flood light also, I am considering getting that but don’t know if it is worth $99 for the light and no batteries?

  7. I’m really intrigued by this one, esp as I am thinking of making the jump over to Milwaukee’s lineup. I already have a Festool Syslite, which has proven itself to be incredibly useful.

    Can or will you compare the Syslite to this new Milwaukee light?

  8. m12 is really cool, i only have the older red versions, 220 lumens would kill the battery in about 2 hours, i hope they come out with a single led version i only need 55 lumens with 12 hours of battery i don’t want to wake up the dead


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