M18 Fuel Brushless Sawzall Giveaway


Milwaukee-M18-Fuel-Sawzall-Recip-Saw Milwaukee owns the reciprocating saw market with the Sawzall.  Tradesman refer to it by name.  Over the weekend we were visiting some job sites in downtown Chicago.  Milwaukee Sawzalls were everywhere.  At the end of October Milwaukee will release its most advanced Sawzall ever, the M18 Fuel Brushless Sawzall.  I was lucky enough to use this saw a few months back and fell in love.  The design is sleek and ergonomic, a huge over-molded grip encases the front of the tool for maximum comfort.  A retractable hook allows you to hang the tool on a rafter.Milwaukee-M18-Brushless-Sawzall-Kit

The power and run time is unmatched with the 4.0 battery.   I wouldn’t be surprised if it won a TIA award for best reciprocating saw of the year.  Want one for free?  Like us on Facebook or subscribe to our Youtube to enter.  USA only!  Winner announced Nov 1st 2013.




  1. Wow! Very impressive. However, it would be more impressive if your biggest Canadian fan……me, were eligible to win. What if I provide an American address? Would you like me then? Lol.

  2. I sure could use a sawzall considering the only thing that we have to cut wood currently is a Stihl 260. Thanks guys and Milwaukee as well for making some of the best power tools available currently

  3. Every time I am looking for a new tool i search for a review by yall, can not wait to get my hands on some cordless saws that last more than a few 2×4’s

  4. This looks like a beautiful saw. I will for sure be buying the rest of the fuel line in the next couple years when I can afford them. Or if my wonderful wife wants to take care if my birthdays and Christmas for the next decade lol y

  5. haha thanks mate im feeling it, honestly you guys are just fucking awesome!!! love watching the video’s, cracks me up every time, great tools, great info, dont change a thing boy’s.

    from your mate down under

  6. I have been waiting all year for the new Milwaukee brushless tools to come out. My girlfriend thinks I am cheating on her with power tools forms ect. Thanks for the reviews guys !! Cant wait until they sell a combo kit. – Keep me in mind for the tool give away : ) I have a nice home? for that tool.

  7. Thanks Eric. That’s the best news I’ve heard in a long time. We always have to wait at least 6 months longer than our neighbours (Canadian spelling) to the South to get newly released tools and it’s cold up here. Lol. The “Ultimate Tool Giveaway Without Borders”. It would definitely help to unite our two nations in solidarity…..if I win, I mean. We would be heroes.


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