Milwaukee M12 Square Drive Impact Wrench 2451-22 Review

Milwaukee M12 Impact

We have all been there where we have a nut that just won’t come off.  Okay that sounded a little dirty, but that doesn’t change the fact that there are lots of applications we need directed power to loosen or tighten a bolt.  That’s when an impact tool comes into play.  Even better, a cordless impact.  Even better a lightweight small impact that delivers 1,000 in-lbs of torque.  Say hello to the Milwaukee M12 Square drive impact wrench,model 2451-22.

Manufacturer – Milwaukee

Model – 2451-22

Average Purchase Price – $170

Milwaukee is the power house for 12V power tools.  No one comes close to them.  They have everything from a simple drill to jackets, radios, grease guns and more.  Come on you can stay warm with your M12 Jacket, while you are greasing some gears with your M12 greaser and jamming some tunes with your M12 radio.  What is cool about their M12 line is there are no gimmick tools.  They are all cool tools that contractors can actually use.  They have power and are well designed.  Speaking of power and a well designed tool, let’s jump into the Milwaukee M12 impact wrench.  Let’s hit the design first.  The balance of this tool is great.  The pistol grip with the Red Lithium battery make this very easy to work with.  While the standard Red Lithium battery is very useful, we would recommend buying the Milwaukee XC High Capacity battery.  The tool only weighs 2.3 lbs. and spans 6.5″.  All right next is the power.  Seeing that this tool is very light and very compact you wouldn’t think it puts out much power.  However 1,000 in-lbs of torque is some serious power for a tool this size and will move the 3/8″ drive at 0-2,200 rpm with a 0-3,000 IPM.  The 3/8″ anvil uses a friction retention ring.  Other notable features are a built in fuel gauge and an LED light for those darker work areas.

There are a lot of professionals who would love this tool and get a lot of use from this tool. But those who would benefit the most would be people who deal with fasteners that are exposed to the environment such as mechanics and HVAC contractors.  Weather and fasteners just don’t mix well.  Bolts that are exposed to the weather usually don’t get exercised.  They are put in place and don’t come off until there is a problem, so they tend to get fused together with rust.  How nice is it to take this impact wrench on a roof to take a cover off an A/C unit and be able to loosen or tighten bolts in the unit.  You don’t have to worry about carrying the heavy 18V up the ladders any more.


Milwaukee M12 Impact Wrench 2451-22 Includes

  • 2451 M12™ Cordless LITHIUM-ION 3/8” Square Drive Impact Wrench
  • (2) M12™ RED LITHIUM™ Batteries
  • Charger
  • Carrying Case


Tool – 5 years

Included M12 Red Lithium Battery – 2 Years

Optional M12 XC High Capacity Battery – 3 Years






  1. I love this little tool and use it for pretty much everything. Including driving screws with the milwaukee quick release hex bit to 3/8″ adapter. Does everything. Slightly weaker than the dewalt 12v, even with the xc battery, but barely noticeable.

    Only problem I’ve had with it was the little rubber o-ring came out from under the friction ring, and it’s a pain to keep putting it back in. Doesn’t retain sockets well without the rubber under the ring.


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