Campbell Hausfeld Paint Sprayer Model PS240C

Campbell Hausfeld Paint Sprayer Model PS240C

Campbell Hausfeld Paint Sprayer Model PS240CIf you are a painter, the one thing you know is for certain jobs an airless paint sprayer is key.  Makes the job quicker, saves on paint, produces a great result and in the end saves time, which means more money in your pocket.

Manufacturer – Campbell Hausfeld Paint Sprayer

Model – PS240C

Average Purchase Price – $499


We haven’t been able to test a lot of sprayers, so when we had a chance to use and test the Campbell Hausfeld, we were pretty excited. We really wanted to use this on our garage project, but considering it is the dead of winter, we will have to wait for summer.  Since we were in the process of finishing our Lowe’s basement project, we thought it would be a great time to give it a test drive.  Now if you have never used a paint sprayer, you are in for a huge surprise.  First they make the job much easier and faster.  However you do get a lot of paint in the air, so you do have to watch what projects you will use it on.  Since the basement was enclosed and we had a lot of stuff we didn’t want paint on, we only used it for part of the basement project.

Upacking and setting up the unit is a snap.  The directions were actually helpful to make sure you started the system and primed the unit the correct way.  The suction hose is nice because you can use a 1 gallon can or 5 gallon bucket and use the machine.  However we would recommend buying a 5 gallon bucket for a couple bucks and using that.  Much easier to control and move around.

Once we primed the unit, we could start spraying.  I would like to say we were champs from the beginning, but it does take some time to get used to using.  The one really nice thing was we were painting older brick, so it was not smooth and it had many cracks, holes and other defects.  With the sprayer we could get a great coverage where a roller would have been very hard.  The 50 ft hose was also nice because we didn’t have to move the machine from place to place.  We just set it up in the center and if we wanted, we had a 100″ radius of working capability.

We were going to do a video of us spraying, but after much talking, we came to the conclusion, who wants to watch us paint?  We figured it would be rather boring and watching flies mate would be more entertaining.   We found a very cool video by Campbell Hausfeld that takes you step by step on how to set up this system, from start to finish.  They also give some nice tips about spraying.


Air Volume: 2,000 PSI
GPM: 0.34 GPM
Horsepower: 3/4 HP
Voltage: 110/115V
Max. Tip: 0.015-in
Max. Hose Length: 150-ft
  • TEFC Electric Motor
  • Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled design for safe operation
  • Diaphragm Pump with long life cartidge valves make maintenance quick and easy
  • Ergonomic professional spray gun built with Quadraflow tip for precise spray pattern, less clogging and less overspray
  • Flexible suction assembly is equipped with prime booster to get started quickly

Campbell Hausfeld Paint Sprayer Includes

  • 0.34 GPM Airless Sprayer with Quadraflow Spray Gun – PS240C
  • (1) Spray Gun with 0.015-in Tip
  • 50-ft High Pressure Airless Hose



Tool – 3 Year warranty on block and housing, 1 Year warranty on gun and hose, 90 Day warranty on wear items (filters/tips/valves) and Lifetime Warranty on Motor and Diaphragm.






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