Milwaukee M12 3 Ah and 6 Ah battery


Winter is here and we know how cold it can get on the jobsite or just hanging out.  As you know Milwaukee has a ton of heated jackets to choose from.  While I like them all, my favorite is the Camo jackets.  Speaking of heated jackets, you have to use a Milwaukee M12 to power the jacket in order to produce heat.  We have been getting emails about when Milwaukee will be coming out with their 3Ah battery for longer run time for the jackets.  So I decided to create a post about this since the Milwaukee 3Ah battery has been out for some time.  Not only do they give you a longer runtime for the jackets, but also for your M12 power tools.  In fact, Milwaukee has a Milwaukee 6Ah battery out for the M12 line if you want to double your run time.


  1. I’ve got some on order . The 3AH makes the heated clothes worth having . The 6AH makes some of the higher drain M12 tools like the Rotary hammes , and saws much more worth having .


  2. What kind of runtime do you get on the 3 ah batteries, I live in California but with the free 3ah battery promotion milwaukee has, it made the deal a lot better.

  3. I’m loving the innovation coming from Milwaukee, I agree with others these 3aH batteries will be great with the heated gear! Woot Woot!!


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