Milwaukee Low Profile Packout

Milwaukee Low Profile Packout

We reviewed the Milwaukee Packout system a while back and it is still one of our favorite job site storage systems.  Besides being tough, the ease of locking them together and also unlocking is so simple and effortless.  One of the best features of the Milwaukee Packout system is the different sizes available.  Now they have two more in the Milwaukee low profile Packout series, the full size, and compact.

Milwaukee Low Profile Packout – Information

  • Name – Milwaukee Packout Low Profile Organizer & Compact Organizer
  • Model – 48-22-8431, Compact 48-22-8436
  • Price – $42 for full size and $26 for compact
  • Where to BuyFull SizeHome Depot, Compact Home Depot
  • Milwaukee Low Profile Packout InformationFull Size, Compact
  • Milwaukee ReviewsMilwaukee Tool Review

Milwaukee Low Profile Packout – Features

The Milwaukee Packout system is a modular system that offers many different sizes for the tradesmen.  Here are some of the features for the low profile organizers.

  • Impact Resistant Polymer Body
  • Removable Dividers
  • Removable Trays
  • IP65 Rating
  • Low Profile Design
  • Weather Seal
  • No Travel Bins
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Metal Latches
  • Metal Reinforced hinge
  • Clear top

Milwaukee Low Profile Packout – First Impressions

The build quality is great.  The plastic is thick and not some flimsy plastic as we have seen with other storage systems.  The metal latches and the metal rod that attaches the lid to the body make this a tough system.

At first, I was excited about being able to rearrange the trays.  Then after discovering, they are removable, but you can not rearrange them I was a little disappointed.  However, I see why you can’t rearrange them as the lids go into the trays making them a tight fit and items don’t go from one tray to another.

The ability to add dividers makes this much more customizable and useful. When you close the lids, the cases are extremely solid.  Best of all, I love how easy it is to lock onto one another and remove.

Milwaukee Low Profile Packout – Wrap Up

I am a huge fan of the Milwaukee Packout.  Besides being tough, they are very easy to use.  It’s simple to lock and unlock a storage container from each other.  I am happy to see these low profile containers hit the market as they are great for smaller items such as fasteners and other accessories.  The prices aren’t bad and I think they are a decent value considering the quality behind the organizers.


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