Milwaukee Impact Extractor Review

Milwaukee Impact Extractor Review

Think about how many times in your life you have dealt with a bolt that you just can’t get off.  What did you do?  I know exactly what you did.  You cursed and complained.  Then you grabbed another tool and stripped it even more.  That’s what we all do, it’s human nature.  If there was only a simple, reliable solution to get a stripped bolt out?  Let’s take a look at the Milwaukee Impact Extractor Review.

Milwaukee Impact Extractor Review Overview

Milwaukee isn’t the first to market with such a solution to remove rounded out, rusted, painted on or stripped bolts.  While there are other manufacturers who have solutions for this common problem, Milwaukee has designed a quality product that will help you tackle these problems with their impact extractor set, model 48-32-8000.

No more cursing, swearing and yelling.  Just find the right size and you’re set to remove the bolt.

Milwaukee Impact Extractor Review Features

Milwaukee Impact Extractor Review

The extractor set comes with 6 different sizes.  You get 1/4″ through 1/2″.  The set also comes with an impact adapter.

Milwaukee Impact Extractor Review

Each extractor is color-coded for quick identification.

Milwaukee Impact Extractor Review

The Shockwave is designed with an optimized geometry to provide a tight grip when extracting.  These are designed to have up to 30x longer life.

Milwaukee Impact Extractor Review

We took a 7/16″ bolt and sunk it into pine.  Not that pine is hard but we really wanted to see how well this extractor set worked when it could only grip a fraction of the bolt head.

Milwaukee Impact Extractor Review

We then grabbed a 7/16″ Milwaukee extractor to use on the rounded out bolt.

Milwaukee Impact Extractor Review

We rounded out the bolt head.  As you can see only part of the head is shown and the area shown is what we rounded out.  We attempted to use the 7/16″ regular socket to remove the bolt and didn’t have any luck.

Milwaukee Impact Extractor Review

With the 7/16″ Milwaukee extractor, it easily removed the bolt.  There wasn’t any slipping or any issues.  As soon as we turned the impact, the bolt came right up.  So obviously if it can only grab on to part of a bolt head, it can remove anything where it can fully grab the whole head.

Milwaukee Impact Extractor Review Value

The Milwaukee Impact Extractor retails for about $23 on The Home Depot which is a steal.  This set is a huge time saver and I know your time is worth more than $23.  So how can we argue with a $23 price tag?

Milwaukee Impact Extractor Final Thoughts

Perfect for the pros, but this is one of those sets that everyone should own.  Sure you may not use it every day, but the one time you need it, this set will save you time and frustration.  For $23 it’s worth the purchase.

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