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Milwaukee Framing Square

Milwaukee Framing Square

When you think of a framing square, what tool manufacturers do you think of?  Do you think Johnson, Empire, Swanson?  You might think of them or someone else, but I am sure Milwaukee isn’t the first company you think of.  Well, that is about to change.  Milwaukee jumped into this segment and the one thing you can count on from Milwaukee when they enter a segment, they enter to dominate.  They want to add innovation, let’s just say, build a better mousetrap.  Now I am not saying this framing square is going to blow you out of the water, I am just saying this is another cool to market tool from Milwaukee.

Milwaukee Framing Square – Information

Milwaukee Framing Square – Features

Some of the features to the Milwaukee framing square are as follows:

Milwaukee Framing Square – Impressions

Looking at this framing square compared to another, you not might see much of a difference and think this is just like the other one sitting next to it on the shelf.  After looking into this square a little deeper, there are noticeable differences such as the square just being built better.  The thickness of the square means it’s more durable and can take more of a beating.

Personally, I like how easy it is to read the markings.  The white on red stands out very nice and you can quickly see a reading.  I also like the quick angle markings.  When I am comparing this side by side with a Johnson square, the Milwaukee is thicker which means it should last longer.

Milwaukee Framing Square – Wrap Up

I know a framing square isn’t the most exciting product to talk about but for those who need a framing square, the Milwaukee MLSQ024 is a great option.  Easy to read, great markings and nice quick measurement guides.

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