Milwaukee Cut Level 1 Gloves

Milwaukee Cut Level 1 Gloves

When it comes to workwear, Milwaukee is going heavy after this category.  They have heated jackets, hoodies, heated gloves and more.  So it’s no surprise they came out with work gloves.  While they have a wide range of gloves to choose from, today we are going to cover the Milwaukee Cut Level 1 gloves, which are the winter work gloves.


If you’re not familiar with cut level gloves, basically they are a glove that is tested under different cut scenarios and then they are designed a cut level between 1 and 5.  Level 1 provides some protection while level 5 is the highest protection.  A level 1 glove is good for general purposes such as what you would find out in the construction field.  A level 5 glove is great for glass handling, meat and poultry jobs where you are using a sharp knife and other stamping jobs.

Since this is a level 1 winter glove, these are great for the construction field such as if you are working on HVAC outside, flashing or drip guards and other jobs outside in the cold where you are working with sharp objects.


Milwaukee Cut Level 1 Gloves

These type of gloves are not only designed to help protect your digits but also allow you dexterity to work with smaller parts.  The gloves are designed to be breathable.

Milwaukee Cut Level 1 Gloves

The gloves feature a 15 gauge nylon outer liner.  They are made from a blend of nylon and lycra which are not only flexible but also will help take moisture or sweat away.

Milwaukee Cut Level 1 Gloves

The wrist is elastic to help cuff your wrist and keep the warm in and cold out.

Milwaukee Cut Level 1 Gloves

The gloves are 1/2 double dipped sandy latex micro finish which means they are water-resistant.  If you are using a smart device, you don’t need to take the gloves off.   Even with the gloves on, you can swipe and use your smart device.

Milwaukee Cut Level 1 Gloves

The inside of the gloves feature a 10 gauge terry liner and offer a dual liner, which is obviously for warmth in the winter.


There are a lot of level 1 gloves to choose from on the market.  The Milwaukee Level 1 cut gloves, 48-22-8913 are a great choice.  Now before you rush out and grab a pair, you have to understand these gloves.  Yes, they are designed for winter gloves but they won’t replace your heavy duty thick gloves. For the work outside where you will be out there for an hour or two and the wind is blowing, these are great and will keep your fingers warm.

However, since they are smaller and thinner, you can do a ton of work with these gloves that you can’t do with other gloves.  If you have used these type of gloves before, then you are familiar with them.  While the dexterity is great, don’t expect to be working with eyeglass screws.  But they are flexible enough to work with finish nails, screws and small objects.


You can pick these up at your local Home Depot store for about $8.  $8 isn’t a bad price.  Now if you are roofing and working with shingles, they won’t last and the $8 is a waste.  But for those working outside on HVAC, Meters, light roofing and other jobs like this, these gloves are well worth the $8 as they will last you a long time.

Final Thoughts

Overall these are great gloves.  They will help keep your hands and fingers warm for those smaller jobs outside.  I love the terry liner as it’s soft and very warm.  You know what I mean when you have those quick jobs outside and your fingers get so cold because of the wind blowing.  These do a great job of helping you stay out there longer and allowing you to work with smaller objects all while protecting your hands.


  1. This type of product is why I love Milwaukee Brand tools…they really go the extra mile when packing convenient features into a product…and a pair of gloves that allows me to pick up those small items and allows me to access my smart phone with such ease can’t be beat!


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