Milwaukee Folding Jab Saw


If you have cruised around Home Depot or some other home improvement store, you have probably seen the Milwaukee Folding Jab Saw.  This is not only a cool tool, but also very handy.

The knife comes with three blades: metal, wood and all purpose blade.  It’s the perfect tool to carry around with you in your tool belt or even have laying around at your house.  As you can see by the pictures, it folds up nicely making storage a snap.  Plus the biggest thing is once the blade is folded, you hide the teeth.  So when you put it in your bucket or tool pouch, your not going to grab for it and slice your hand.

The grip is perfect and fits your hand nicely.  If your right handed, you use your thumb and push the button to extend the blade.  To close the blade just repeat the process.  On the right side of the knife is the blade release.  Just pull down, pull the blade out and pop the new blade in place.  The saw accepts and Sawzall blade.

Over all this is a great hand tool to have around.  For the price, it is a must have!  The only downside is no blade storage.





  1. Check out Kleins new folding Jab saw!

    Klein tools sent this to me for free with additional incentives in exchange for an honest review.. Over all this Jab Saw is solid, It works great. i currently use a dewalt, which i have some issues with. The klein tools jab saw literally crossed every one of my complaints off . From the blade getting stuck, to the back of the dealt being plastic. Klein added rubber which makes a world of difference. Awesome product!


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