Kobalt 27-Piece Xtreme Access Socket Set – Perfect Fathers Day Gift


Oh, what to get for Dad on Fathers day.  The best gifts for Dad is always tools, especially cool tools that are not going to break the bank.  The Kobalt 27-Piece Standard 1/4-in and 3/8-in Drive Xtreme Access Socket Set is cool because of a few things.  First it does both SAE and Metric.  This allows you to carry less sockets, it uses a spline system which works rather well except for the angled spline makes it slip easily off the work.  The pass thru design allows you to have a limitless deep socket.  The kit has a nice box that is perfect for storing in a truck, boat, tool box..  The list goes on.

If you you ever lose a piece from the kit Kobalt has you covered with the Sockets For Life program which is an AWESOME thing.  Dad will always be able to have a complete set, even after you drop his socket in the river while fixing your boat.  Spline drive is really starting to grow on me, however they tend to slide off the bolt unless your perfectly square.  I keep mine in the truck in case of an emergency, it saves space. 


  1. What is the country of origin? I’m not trying to highlight that it’s Taiwan, I heard they were considering bringing production back stateside. I’ve got a ton of Kobalt stuff, mostly from when it first came out, and all in all it’s been good stuff. They broke my heart when they outsourced it though.

  2. i do love kobalt tools and started purchasing them as soon as they hit the market and always thought if they broke that i just carried them back to lowes and they would be made up. now i find i have to go to my computer and prove this and prove that inturn wasting my time at a desk when i could be turning wrenches. if i have to go through a act of god and pay more for postage than the tool cost i see a problem. if lowes cant replace it i can go back to craftsman tools


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