Milwaukee Copper Tubing Cutters


I know, I know, you are still recovering from yesterdays news about the Milwaukee organizers.  Well keep your wallets out as Milwaukee tool is bringing out some new copper cutters.  A couple months ago I had to redo my kitchen plumbing and these would have come in really handy. However I had to settle for my Menards cheap brand that ended up breaking on me.  I am not saying I am looking forward to hanging out under a sink in the near future, but it is nice to know that Milwaukee has my back with their new copper cutting tools.

I haven’t had a chance to use them, but by the looks of them, plus knowing how Milwaukee Tool operates, I am sure these are top quality cutters.  While the cutting wheel is the real magic behind these tools, a good feel and toughness is also an important aspect of these new copper cutters.  According to Milwaukee Tool, these will be the most durable swing cutters on the market.  Current mini swing cutters available on the market suffer from two common premature failures: Broken adjustment mechanisms and corrosion. Since Milwaukee is all about solving problems in the current market place, you bet they have a solution for these two problems.  Milwaukee designed its new Mini Copper Tubing Cutters with a proprietary adjustment mechanism that delivers 5X longer life. In addition, the cutters feature chrome rollers for rust protection when exposed to water. Both mini tubing cutters also feature an easy-grip knob to provide better leverage during adjustment.

The Milwaukee Constant Swing Copper Tubing Cutter was designed with four rust-resistant chrome rollers that best stabilize the material in order to deliver straighter, cleaner cuts. We all know how important a clean cut is when dealing with copper.  A smooth-adjustment knob helps users make easier adjustments throughout the job and also allows for storage of an extra cutting wheel. An on-board reamer allows easy deburring for improved productivity.

A Reaming Pen is also available for easy deburring of copper tubing and PVC. The tool is constructed with an all-metal design for durability. The blade is heat treated and black oxide coated for extended life. A slide resistant clip allows easy storage in the users pocket or tool bag for quick access.

Milwaukee Tool – Copper Tubing Cutter Offerings

  • 48-22-4250 1/2” Mini
  • 48-22-4251 1” Mini
  • 48-22-4252 1-1/2” Constant Swing
  • 48-22-4255 Reaming Pen
  • 48-22-4256 2pc Replacement Cutter Wheels
  • 48-22-4257 3pc Replacement Reaming Blades for Constant Swing

MSRP: $14.99 (48-22-4250); $22.99 (48-22-4251); $49.99 ($49.99)
Available: April 2016




  1. I’ll love milwaukee and I’ll give em a try but as someone who is in the plumbing profession it’s going to be hard to beat Ridgid’s tubing cutters. That being said I do love Milwaukee’s m12 tubing cutter so I’m definitely excited to give it a try.

  2. I have the reamer pen! Best I’ve ever used, now just need to make the collection complete (well, more complete) with the tubing cutter, this is actually the first I heard if them, thanks!

  3. these seem like really heavy duty cutters, I have an older Blue Point set that I’ve had for a few years that I use when I have brake lines or fuel lines to make and they have always done the job but they are getting a bit dull now and i think it might be time for an upgrade, the red will go well with my Snap-on tools…lol #TIACREW

  4. I need to get the reaming pen looks pretty good! Milwaukee definitely had been pumping the new products it this year

  5. Little hand tools like this, Milwaukee blows it out of the park. These tools are great, I not an plumber but I can do plumbing to an extent.


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