March Forum Giveaway – Gorilla Hybrid Ladder and Keter Tool Box


You still have a couple weeks to put your vote in for this months power tool forum giveaway.  Each month we give away something on the forum.  Here is the kicker, the crew decides who wins, not us.  So what does that mean to you?  It means you better head over there, sign up and introduce yourself.



  1. Hay guys there is still time to pick the forum member you want to have these great gifts. You must have 10 post to be eligible to play and vote for someone, and not yourself! And only pick one! Good luck to the winner of March madness forum giveaway.

  2. great giveaway, I had a gorilla ladder when I worked in the US, used it for working on some of the bigger military vehicles and it took a lot of abuse, I’m not a small guy and it handles my fat ass just fine. Keter seems to be a great brand as well, I think up here in Canada it’s been rebranded as Husky, I bought the exact same Keter table you guys reviewed a while ago but it was Husky branded, either way its a great table so I’m sure the toolbox will be equally as good! #TIACREW

  3. Purchased this ladder for interior use at home. Needed it for A/C filters, cleaning ceiling fans, and light bulbs that are too high to reach from the floor. The top step platforms are the reason I decided to try this item. They add stability as well.

  4. Hello everyone, I am ProToolNut, winner of the March 2016 giveaway. It is truly an honer to being among this amazing community, we are the best #TIACREW that there is. And so it is also an honer to have won this giveaway. I own a wobbly, dented, aluminum step ladder that I risk my life everytime I use it. It will really be nice to use this Gorilla step ladder from now on, safety is of my upmost concern and these Gorilla ladders seem like good quality construction.

    I also happen to be a small engine mechanic, often times I have to get back up off the floor so many times to grab the tool that I need at one of my stationary boxes. It will really be nice to have all the tools I need in that portable Keter tool box, which I can keep at my side, so that I don’t have to get up every 2 minutes.

    I’d like to remind people that while the giveaways are really nice and all, try not to let this be the only reason that you join TIA. The best part about TIA is the crew, who’s the crew, well we are the crew, you are the crew, and its all about all of us. The community we have is simply something which you cannot find anywhere else. TIA is a style of living, and TIA is my home. 🙂

  5. Congratulation ProToolNut! Wonder why they never posted a February article. I can’t wait to get my nailer!

  6. My name is shekky Bowen I work hard just to get by so by winning would be probably the only way I would be able to get a new tool so please vote for me


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