Milwaukee Blower Review – Model 2724

Milwaukee Blower Review

When it comes to Milwaukee you probably think of them as a power tool manufacturer powerhouse.  A company who puts out a ton of professional power tools and one of the leaders in the cordless markets.  However have you ever thought of them as an OPE manufacturer?  Probably not.  So you may be wondering why they have an 18V blower, string trimmer and hedger on the market.  Is it because the can or because the market demands it.  Well, I am not really sure but let’s take a look at the Milwaukee Blower review and see what conclusion we can come up with.

Milwaukee Blower Review Overview

Not too long ago Milwaukee released their OPE line of tool and one tool was a blower.  While I think the OPE line was a welcome addition, the first generation blower wasn’t a big hit in the marketplace, so hence that is why we are seeing the version 2.0.  OK yes, a lot of people loved it but you had people saying it needed more power.

So does the marketplace demand these tools?  Well, we are told all the time by manufacturers that the contractor demands these tool.  While I am sure there is a demand, I can’t remember seeing too many blowers on the job site.  I am not saying there aren’t because it does make cleaning up easier.  But with the huge push for cleaner air and cleaner work environment, I am not seeing an advantage of blowing small particle in the air around a ton of people.

For me, I think this is a secondary tool for people.  They already own the Milwaukee or other manufacturers’ battery.  So when they get home and do clean up on the weekends, they can grab a battery they already have and clean up their yard.  Maybe I am wrong, but that is where I see most people using this, plus what’s the downside for grabbing some more sales from the homeowners market who may be shopping for an OPE tool.  There in the OPE section, see either a Dewalt or Milwaukee blower and then down the road get a drill sale out of the deal.  Either I am digging that these power tool companies are making more available tools then just your standard drill and saw.

Milwaukee Blower Review Features

Milwaukee Blower Review

The Milwaukee Blower 2724-21HD comes with the blower, a 9Ah battery, and a charger.

Milwaukee Blower Review

The 9Ah battery is the biggest battery Milwaukee offers which means this will have some serious runtime.  In fact, you can expect to get about 20 minutes of runtime with this battery.

Milwaukee Blower Review

Milwaukee Designed this with a brushless motor which means it is more efficient and hence it helps with the power and a longer runtime.  The blower produces 450 CFM and 120 MPH output.

Milwaukee Blower Review

As you can see, the handle is right over the barrel of the body.  The battery on the back and the chute on the front give it a pretty nice balance so your not fighting to much weight on the front or back.

Milwaukee Blower Review

The grip probably looks familiar if you already own Milwaukee tools.  They use the standard rubber grip.

Milwaukee Blower Review

On the side of the handle, there is a push button so a user can lock the trigger in place.

Milwaukee Blower Review

The trigger is a variable speed trigger and is pretty easy to control and keep a consistent speed.  When a user fully depresses the trigger, you can expect the full ramp-up time to take about 1 second which is fast for a battery operated machine.

Milwaukee Blower Review

On top of the handle is a push button for low or high speed.  You can operate this tool with a single handle.  You can use your thumb to change speeds.

Milwaukee Blower Review

The intake is on the back of the blower so no need to worry about this trying to suck in your shorts as that happens when the intake is on the side.

Milwaukee Blower Review

The intake is also protected y a plastic screen which will stop large objects like leaves being sucked into the fan or for obvious safety reasons.

Milwaukee Blower Review Performance

We received this blower when there was still snow on the ground.  Since snow is heavier we figured that would be a good test also.  I have to admit I was surprised how well it pushed the snow.  Now, this wasn’t a wet heavy snow.  This was more powered snow and about 2″ thick.  If you compare this to the first version, this unit is night and day.  Much more power than the first generation.

With this generation, I now feel like Milwaukee can compete against other OPE battery operated blowers such as the Dewalt and Ego.

Follow us on Instagram and I will update you on the power with wet leaves and how well it pushes sand when we do our patio.

But for me, this has plenty of power and if you are invested in the Milwaukee battery platform, I would get this if you need a blower.

Milwaukee Blower Review Value

You can pick up the bare too which is model 2724-20 for about $150 at The Home Depot.  If you want the 9Ah battery and charger you will expect to pay about $130 more as that comes in at $280.

I don’t think the price is too bad as you can get the Dewalt bare blower for about $120 which is 30 mph less and 50 CFM less.  The Ego bare blower cost about $120 and 10 mph slower but has 80 more CFM.

Milwaukee Blower Review Final Thoughts

The version 2.0 is a huge increase and improvement over their previous model.  Model 2724 has more power, lighter weight and the 1-second startup time is a nice addition.  If you are invested in the Milwaukee line, I think this is a great blower to add to your OPE line up.  If you are looking for your first blower, I think this is one that should be considered in a side to side comparision against the Ego.


  1. not a huge fan of cordless.
    i have bought a toro 2 stroke blower, the plastic choke lever broke shortly after warranty expiration. no parts available. i bought the milwaukee blower, mostly for getting the grass clippings off the mower and tractor. for the little use it has gotten, im happy with the tool. have not had the need for an extended run. that will happen in the fall, when i gather the leaves and give ’em back to my neighbor.


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