Milwaukee Aviation Snips 3 PC Kit Review 48-22-4033


I feel like a broken record when I say I’m excited about Milwaukee’s hand tool line and every time they come out with a new tool, I just drool.  I think I get so excited because it’s great to see a company actually start to think outside the box and really change the hand tool market.  It seems like for a long time companies were not really doing much in the hand tool line, they were just copying each other and not really making any improvements.  They would take a simple pair of pliers, farm it out to some company overseas to get a cheaper tool and put a different packaging on the pliers.  I think Milwaukee saw this and said let’s make a change.  They didn’t just take the pliers and put a different packaging on the outside.  They said why can’t a pair of pliers be more than just a pair of pliers?  Let’s make pliers that also ream and have other features.  Let’s truly make them a multi purpose tool and lighten the load a worker carries on his tool belt. Not all the hand tools produced my Milwaukee are multi purpose, but what we have seen so far, they are all incredible hand tools and give other well known hand tool companies a run for their money.  Speaking of new hand tools, let’s jump into the aviation snips.

As you can tell by the title this is a three pack model 48-22-4033.  The kit comes with:

  • (1) Aviation Snips, Straight Cutting (48-22-4030)
  • (1) Aviation Snips, Right Cutting (48-22-4020)
  • (1) Aviation Snips, Left Cutting (48-22-4010)

The first thing I noticed when using these snips is the grip.  For me these are very comfortable to use and I feel like I have great control of the tool when making a cut.  The next feature that appeals to me is the locking mechanism.  The tool is very easy to lock with a top lock I can easily control with my thumb.  To unlock them just press the handles together and you are set to cut into aluminum, vinyl siding, leather, copper or whatever else you want.  The snips feature a forged cutting head which gives it maximum durability.  This is one reason Milwaukee can back this by their Limited Lifetime warranty.

One cool feature Milwaukee implemented on these snips is a flush bolt design.  This means you no longer have to worry about your tool hanging up on the work.  The tool utilizes serrated jaws which allows a user to cut up to 18ga Cold Rolled Steel and 22ga Stainless Steel.

Once again Milwaukee showed why they are a force to be dealt with in the hand tool market.  We are happy to see a company finally coming out with some cool, practical and tough hand tools.  Not that we would expect anything less from Milwaukee.





  1. These are nice. I have an old pair of Weiss snips I use pretty regularly. When they die these are clearly my intended replacements.


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