Black and Decker FLEX BDH2000FL Portable Vacuum – Review


Black and Decker pretty much invented the cordless vacuum market with the DustBuster.  Cordless vacuums take a lot of power and have been plagued by short battery life.  Well Black and Decker has decided to take its 20V Lithium Ion Technology knowledge and apply it to the Flex vacuum.  This gives a big increase in both power and run time over the previous 12V Ni-Cad batteries.  The new Flex is part of the Platinum series and it includes a non-removable 20v 1.5Ah lithium ion battery.  They have a few different models in the line  up, we decided to check out the Flex.  The cyclonic Flex has been around for a while and generally people like it with the exception of short battery life, which was due to the 12v Ni-Cad.

If you are looking to suck up liquids or need massive suction this is not the vacuum for you.  If you are looking for something portable that will get into tight areas and do general light clean up then look no further.  The Flex comes with a few attachments and a charging base.  The pet hair attachment is awesome, it does a great job at removing per hair from just about anything.  I would buy this vacuum because of the pet hair capabilities alone.  The unit is a tad quieter than a normal vacuum, but so much lighter at only 3.8 lbs.  The Flex is bagless and to empty the unit you simply open the door and dump the contents.  The 17 oz canister is a bit small, sometimes you have to put your finger in there to help remove the dirt.  Dust and dirt also tended to gather at the bottom of the door opening, however this did not affect operation.  The filter is cleanable and manually spins so you can clear debris while vacuuming.

The vacuum worked great at keeping furniture and stairs clean and when we needed that quick clean up in the kitchen, it worked like a charm.  The 4 ft cord was a perfect length because usually you are carrying the unit.  We got about 16 minutes constant suction on one charge, which was plenty for the the small tasks at hand.  Suction was constant even with an almost filled canister.  The suction power is good for a unit of this size.  Black and Decker covers this product with a respectable 3 year warranty.  The more powerful 20V Platinum Flex has a suggested retail of $149.  248% higher than the original 12V Flex which is now $60. Yikes!  If you can get over the sticker shock, the BDH2000FL FLEX is a great little vacuum,  you do get a lot more power and run time.  It is simple to use , maintain and less money than a comparable Dyson.  My house has never been cleaner, I use the vac almost every day.  For the work shop it does a great job with wood shavings and dust.



  1. Have you guys ever reviewed a product that you BOTH LIKED and found nothing
    wrong with it? This is not a put down, just wondering. I like the way you
    both put your two cents in on a product.

  2. It’s pretty high-priced in comparison to its competitors, but it is a great vac. Especially in cars and pet hair. I would recommend.

  3. This is the best portable vacuum. I use same vacuum for my car. absolute worth the money. yeah you can use that for pet hairs also.


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