Milwaukee 2432-22 M12 Propex Expansion Tool


The Milwaukee 2432-22 M12 Propex Expansion Tool is the coolest tool you probably have never heard of unless you’re a plumber.  This tool performs a simple duty, but it amazes me every time I see it in action.  Basically it expands plastic piping so you can insert fittings and the pipe contracts around the fitting, locking it in place.  Let’s talk a bit about Pex.  There are different grades of Pex piping and the Milwaukee 2432 is designed to work with Uphonor Pex A only.  You can read up on Pex over at  We received our Pex from them, they have good prices, are knowledgeable, friendly and you can actually call and talk to a human being.  The also have an M18 version for heavier duty work.


So let’s go over the kit.  Here is what all comes in the box:

1 M12 Propex Expansion Tool

2 M12 Red Lithium batteries

1 M12 30 minute charger

3 Expansion heads  1/2″, 3/4″and a 1″ expansion head

1 Tube of expansion grease

It all comes in a nice blow molded case.

The tool itself weighs in at 4.5 lbs, has slender tubular base with a metal right angle business end where the spreading occurs. The head has an integrated belt clip so you can hang it.  The kit comes with 3 expansion heads that easily twist on and off.  They have included grease that aids in the head expansion.  The tool is a snap to operate, insert it into the Pex pipe and just pull the paddle switch and the tool expands the pipe.  The expander also rotates as it expands, this helps make an even flare.  The tool has a built in battery fuel gauge and an LED light at the base of the unit that illuminates your work and stays on for a few seconds.  In my humble opinion there is no easier, faster or better way to connect Pex tubing.

This tool is an example of Milwaukee innovation.  They basically went out in the field to talk to plumbers and designed a tool from scratch to fill the need.  The tool comes with a 5 year warranty which is awesome!  The M12 line up just keeps expanding and with no signs of slowing down.  It makes it one of the best 12V lines to get into.  This is a huge advance in building technology and using the Milwaukee Propex Expansion tool will save a plumber hundreds of man hours.  Check out and also check out our friends over at  They have some great information about Pex and their service is Stellar!



  1. Do you guys still use this tool? How is it holding up? I am thinking about adding it my arsenal but can’t bare the cost just yet.

  2. The bare tool is actually a decent price. I only see my self using the 1/2″ expander, for now at least. I can always add the other heads later… I think I am talking myself into this…


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