We have checked out a few job site radios recently and they have a host of different features.  One thing that boggles our minds is how many do not charge the battery.  Well thank god the Metabo Work-site Radio does charge the batteries, not only that but it has an AC out to boot.  Even though the radio only has one speaker the sound is quite good.  Another thing that really stands out about this unit is that it has the best FM reception of any radio we have tested.  There is a single tone control that handles both treble and bass.

Let’s go over some of the features.  The radio is cube shaped with a protective safety cage around it.  It is dust, water and shock proof, the overall quality of this radio is top notch and I would not expect anything less from Metabo.  On the top we have the volume knob, tuning knob and the low high tone knob.  While this may seem old school it does a pretty good job of controlling the sound.  Also on the top are 2 charger lights and the charger on off switch.  I love that this can charge my Metabo batteries and it will also run up to 18 hours on 1 charged battery.  On the left there is an AC out 120V 8 amp socket and a 12 V dc power input.  This comes in handy when you need to charge or power the unit from a vehicle.  On the right side is a headphone jack, auxiliary port and a DC out of 5 volts for charging mobile phones, however you need to find a cable that matches your phone for this.  I would have liked to see a USB charger port here as it is more mainstream.

The back of the unit is a double latched door that opens up to reveal the battery charge port and a shelf for stowing your iPod or phone.  There is also a input jack here to plug in any device with a headphone jack.  This is also where you put the 2 AA batteries to maintain the radios settings.  The AC cord also wraps nicely around the back of the unit and you can still open the door with the cord in place.  The door has a rubber seal to help keep the elements out.  The bottom of the unit has 4 rubber feet that keep it planted where you put it.

Now the business end, the front.  The unit has 10 total presets 5 am and 5 fm and I thought this was a little light but in reality who listens to terrestrial radio anymore anyway, its all about the MP3.    The unit has a nice big and easy to read yellowish orange backlit display.  It displays the station you are on, time, battery charge level, preset number and alarm status.  Yes, it has 2 alarms which when you think about it is ingenious!  Every work radio should have an alarm.  I set mine for 5pm, that’s when the work day is done!  Another neat feature is that it has a 3 LED light integrated into the front of the unit.  Charging is easy- just insert the battery and turn the charging switch to on, of course you have to be plugged into AC power to use the charge feature.  It can charge any Metabo 18V or 14.4 battery.

To wrap it up, the Metabo Worksite Radio is a good, solid, rugged work-site radio that will survive the harshest conditions and if you already own some Metabo cordless products, it is a no brainier.  The only thing I would like to see is a USB charger.  The one speaker design is simple, compact and gives out a nice full sound.  It includes a respectable 3 year warranty.



  1. can I turn this sangean 110V in to metabo if will but another one 220 V ?
    you know what I mean steal the transformer and put in to metabo :O


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