Milwaukee 20″ Jobsite Organizer Model 48-22-8030


Milwaukee recently added to their storage line with the announcement of the Milwaukee Jobsite Organizer model 48-22-8030.  I know what you’re thinking, isn’t there already a lot of organizers available on the market?  You’re correct, but really what is one more and well if you know Milwaukee, they added a little twist to their organizer.

I have to say this is one of the most versatile organizers we have tried out.  So what makes it versatile?  First, as with most organizers, you can stack these one on top of another and also lock them into place.  However while most organizers make you unlock and remove a top box in order to access the box below, that isn’t the case with this organizer.  Even if you have these stacked three high, you can still open the bottom organizer and access anything inside, which is a great feature.  Milwaukee also added a weather seal, which most other companies apparently forgot to add.  This is great because we all know these organizers tend to be left outside, in the back of your truck or just sitting around.  Now you don’t have to worry about moisture build up or other weather conditions affecting what’s inside.  While the latches are durable, they aren’t like other boxes we have seen.  Usually the durable latches tend to be a pain to open.  With the Milwaukee, you can close and open them very easily and you also have the peace of mind that they will stay closed when not in use.

Opening up the box you will see there are 8 – 4×4″ bins and 2 – 4×8″ bins.  What’s cool about these bins is you can mount them to a stationary surface using 2 screws, a pretty cool idea.  The inside of the box does have one permanent divider in case you want to remove some bins and keep a couple hand tools in the organizer.  But here is the key to this whole system, the lid system.  When you close the lid, the top of the lid comes down below the tray tops to give it a nice seal.  So what does that mean?  It means you don’t have to worry about small pieces from one bin traveling into another bin during transportation, no matter how much they get bumped around.  For me this is great if you have small washers or other pieces you just want to stay in place.

Milwaukee did a great job on the organizer and adds an additional organizer to their growing line of storage systems.  The case seems tough and well designed.



  1. I saw these in Home Depot yesterday and they look well made. What I’m looking for, but haven’t seen yet, is an organizer that offers removable covers for individual bins, so I can take a few bins out of the organizer and throw them a bag with some tools to carry into a job. I really hate having to carry an organizer with 10 bins and 10 fasteners in addition to a bag of tools when I only need 2 or 3 of the fasteners.

  2. invested in dewalt tough box system..3 box system sitting on taxtic cart..have keter organizer for
    bolts n nuts and washers ect…another keter for multitool ..dewalt and milwaukee multitool in the
    bottom and blades storage in milwaukee big plastic tool box use for storage of all my gear
    pullers stuff and u joint balljoint remover tool. like new milwaukee organizer .see it at home depot
    pick one up…never been so organized tks to toolsinaction,,,i can find my tools so easy now .organizing so much fun,.garage looks so much better now……cheers.

  3. I got one two weeks ago from HD, but had to take it back. I wanted to put more color into my tool selection as of late & got it to try out. I have to admit that I have the DeWalt version of theis storage system. Now, the reason why I returned it, it broke (What!!!), yes… The base is not that ridgid & it flexed when I pick it up, then snapped. I couldn’t believe it. No biggie, just got another DeWalt one & got an extra $5 bucks to get a hot dog (bonus) while leaving the store. Actually it’s probabily better, because switching to another similar system would me more money when I already have invested in something else. I have four (now) & two of the smaller ones from DeWalt. These are neat, but pilling on these boxes is nice, but dang, it sure is heavy if you don’t have a cart. The few days that I had it did not convince me that this box is better than the Dewalt version. When I bought this box it was $30 & now its $25. You can get 5 yellow boxes or 4 red boxes for $100. Laters TIA

  4. Have to agree with you Juan, both boxes seem pretty close and one is cheaper. I guess it depends on what color you go for. Team yellow or team red.


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