Milwaukee 12:1 Infrared Temp-Gun 2268-20

Milwaukee 2268

Milwaukee recently introduced their new line of infrared Temp-Guns.  The one we are taking a look at today is the 12:1 model 2268-20 temp gun.  This new tool has a clearer and faster scanning process.  Milwaukee has been making temp guns for a while and I have to say you get a great temp gun for a reasonable price compared to their competition.

While some temp guns are only good for indoor or outdoor use, this one is designed to be used in either area.  The protected LCD screen is easy to read, plus a back-lit LED screen helps in darker areas.  The temp gun also has a high/low alert, which is pretty easy to set.  One thing you will notice by the design of the tool is the head is fully protected by rubber.  There is much more than meets the eye.  In fact, Milwaukee designed this with a 7 point reinforced frame to provide durability and to make this job site tough.  They claim it will even survive a seven foot drop.

This temp gun is powered by a 9v battery (12 hours of runtime) and will take a reading from -22 degrees F to 1022 degrees F with a 0.95 Fixed Emissivity.  The accuracy is +/- 1.8%.  That’s a nice broad range which will make this tool appeal to a wider audience.  As I noted earlier, this is a 12:1 measurement which means from 12′ away, it will read a 1′ spot.  Not only does this have an alarm feature for high/low, but it can perform a hold function along with a max, min and average.  The tool only weighs 11.5 oz, so it won’t put a lot of weight on you or your tool bag.


  1. Nice update they gave the temp gun, I want to say the one I have from milwaukee is a 10:1, pretty basic, looks like they’ve added some features which is always nice. But the price i paid from toolnuy you can’t beat it! #TIACREW

  2. I really like this temperature gun. It looks like it is a good quality and a very nice temperature gun. I have used a few cheap temperature guns and they were useful for my task, this would be a nice tool to my collection

  3. Quick question:
    Does this work on babies/adults?
    My wife wants to buy a Ear Thermometer, but I want a temp gun.
    Since their prices are about the same, I don’t really want two tool that does the same thing.
    Anyone got any experience with this?

    Many thanks.

  4. Can always count on TIA for news on the latest and greatest. Any roofer or a/c contractor out there would love this. I do quite a bit of waterproofing and energy coatings and temp guns are great for my trade. Currently use a ryobi gun which is on its last legs, but it comes in handy when clients want to know exactly what before and after roof temp they should be expecting; translating into enrgy savings. Biggest change I’ve seen was from a cap sheet roof where the granularity had nearly all washed away. The deck temp before starting was 114 degrees and after completion 74 degrees.


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