Metabo SSW18 LiPower 18V 1/2-Inch Cordless Impact Wrench


I am loving Metabo, it’s a workers tool, a tool that gets the job done, a tool that won’t let you down.  So far everything we have reviewed from Metabo has impressed us and the Metabo SSW18 Impact is no different.  For metal working Metabo is a name you should know.  This kit comes in a blow molded case with 2 batteries and a 30 min charger.  Like I have mentioned before in other Metabo reviews I love the air cooled charging.  It has a fan that is not silent but you can put a hot pack on it and when the charge cycle is complete the pack is ice cold and ready to work.  There is a  fuel gauge on each individual pack and the packs are easy to swap out, just push the release button at the base with your palm and swap.  The batteries fit tight and the locking system worked flawless.

You can use any 1/2 socket on this tool.  At the base is a LED light that lights up your work.  I prefer lights in the head of the tool but the SSW18 did a good job of illuminating my work while eliminating most shadows.  1947 in-lbs  of torque at 2650 rpm is what this tool lays out.  It has a variable speed trigger but also has 3 speeds that is controlled by a button on the base that lights up and flashes to correspond with the speed you are in.


Speed 1: 1600 rpm – 1500 Ipm – 929 in-lbs torque
Speed 2: 2150 rpm – 2700 Ipm – 1283 in-lbs torque
Speed 1: 2650 rpm – 3300 Ipm – 1947 in-lbs torque

A die cast aluminum gear housing makes this a rugged tool.  The unit weighs in at  4 lbs with the battery and also includes a strap that you can wrap around your wrist to prevent the tool from dropping.  We tested this on a few applications, first we used it to drive some lag bolts into a wall for a flat panel TV mount we were hanging.  The 3 speeds gave us precise control and it did not hiccup at all driving the 4″ lag bolts.  Second. we drove some 4″ lags through a few pieces of plywood that you can see in the video.  Here we were surprised how smooth it was, the impacts transfer to the work not your hand.  This is great for someone who would use this tool all day as it has minimal fatigue.  We also used it on a trailer to break free a rusted bolt that held a gate together.   It actually broke the head off the bolt.

To sum it up, we highly recommend Metabo tools, yes they might cost a tad more than their counterparts, but the quality and user experience is second to none.  To keep costs down it is also available as a bare tool. With Meatabo’s XXL warranty both the tool and batteries are covered for 3 years.  Check out Metabo.



  1. You should test the Metabo BS 18 LTX- x3 Quick. It is suposed to have another 20% more torque (270 Nm). This, from a Cordless Drill! No more vibrations or noise of a rattle gun.


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