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I have been a fan of GearWrench for years, I loved their ratcheting wrenches and have had a set for years.  GearWrench has changed in that time, with some new and innovative products that make great Christmas gifts.

XL X-BEAM™ FLEX – Recently I put these to use when I helped out at our local marina and I must say I am sold.  The X-Beam design allowed for more surface area and the wrenches are longer allowing for more torque.  The wrench is precise with only 5 degrees of swing needed.  It comes in a 12 piece metric 85888 and a 9 piece SAE set 85898.  These wrenches are very comfortable to work with and the flex head makes it great for tight situations. They also come in flat trays that fit into most tool box drawers.


INDEXING RATCHETING WRENCH – These are really cool for 2 reasons.  First, the closed ratchet end swivels and locks into 13 positions to get into those tight areas.  Secondly, it can be unlocked and you can use the swivel like a piston and pull back and forth to tighten or un-tighten.  This is better explained in the video below. It has the same 5 degree ratcheting action.  Both the XL X-BEAM and the Indexing wrench have what GearWrench calls Drive Surface Plus. It helps you grip the bolt and prevents rounded corners.  Check them out here.

QUADBOX – This is a unique ratchet wrench, it is 4 ratcheting wrench’s in 1.  We like this because it lightens your workload.   The reversing levers are recessed into a low profile design so it can fit into tight places.  They also come with an adapter that allows 1/4 ” hex bits to be used.  I carry a set of these in my truck and I am constantly using them. Check them our here.


INDEXING PRY BARS – These are some of the coolest pry bars you have ever seen.  The business end swivels or indexes 180 degrees to give you 14 different positions that gives you proper leverage in any condition.   They come in a variety of sizes, my favorite is 83348 the 29″ to 48″ expandable pry bar.  It expands via a push button to give you superhuman leverage.  It is great for auto shops, field service vehicles, manhole covers, grates etc.

GearWrench makes some innovative quality tools and they back it up by a lifetime warranty.



  1. Dan you know good and well that all those new wrenches are gonna end up
    not in their holders but in the pile of wrenches you already have to the left
    of the neat tool holders. LOL

  2. Hi Dan I thought mine was untidy it’s good to know I’m not the only one.I’m always loosing my tools when they are right under my nose.

  3. I shouldn’t laugh at you Dan, I have tools in the house, in the shop, in the truck
    on the poarch, even found a hammer in the bathroom the other day.
    As always I can never find the right tool when I need it, so rather than go looking for it I just go down any buy another one.


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