Metabo HPT Cordless Brad Nailer

Metabo HPT Cordless Brad Nailer

When it comes to nailers, a consumer has so many options to choose from.  You can go with pneumatic or cordless depending upon your needs.  While cordless is great because you don’t have to deal with a compressor and cord, it’s tough to know which brand is reliable.  Because with a cordless nailer, you have to worry about power, reliability, consistency and how long will the tool and battery last.  Today we are looking at one of the options in the marketplace, the Metabo HPT Cordless Brad Nailer.

Metabo HPT Cordless Brad Nailer Overview

When it comes to nailers, Metabo HPT is known for its quality, reliability, and consistency.  One of my favorite framing nailers is the Metabo HPT Framing Nailer (formally know as Hitachi).  The nailer is tough, consistent, and is fast.  So my question was when we got this brad nailer, is it what I was expecting and liked about the framing nailer?

Metabo HPT Cordless Brad Nailer Features

The Metabo HPT Brad Nailer (NT1850DF) is 30% smaller and 31% lighter than the previous generation.  This means you can get into tighter spaces without fatigue.

Looking for speed?  This nailer will fire up to three nails per second.

Metabo HPT Cordless Brad Nailer

This kit comes with the brad nailer, a 3Ah battery, charger, and a tool bag.

This tool is powered by the Metabo HTP 18V batteries.  With a 3Ah battery, you can shoot about 1,650 nails per charge.

Metabo HPT Cordless Brad Nailer

This tool uses a single-finger firing trigger.  As you can see, the handle has a nice rubber over-mold for grip and comfort.  There is also a lock-out slide to if you leave your batteries on the tool or are climbing a ladder and don’t want an accidental fire, you can lock the tool.

Metabo HPT Cordless Brad Nailer

On the base of the tool, you can power the tool on/off, check battery level, and switch between bump and sequential firing modes.

The nailer accepts 5/8″ to 2″ 18 gauge straight nails.

Metabo HPT Cordless Brad Nailer

No tools are needed in case you encounter a jam.

Metabo HPT Cordless Brad Nailer

There is a turn knob on the side to adjust the depth.

Metabo HPT Cordless Brad Nailer

As we talked about, this model is lighter and smaller than previous generations.  As you can see when it sits next to a water bottle, just how small the head is and how small the tool is compared to the water bottle.

The tool features storage for an extra no-mar tip.

Metabo HPT Cordless Brad Nailer Performance

As I noted earlier, the Metabo HPT is one of my favorite framing nailers.  I love the constancy, reliability, and speed.  For me, the Metabo HPT Brad Nailer is exactly the same as the framing nailer, well except for size.

One of my favorite features is no ramp-up time.  When I pull the trigger, the nailer fires.

This brad nailer is fast, great line of sight, and is very consistent.  We drove nailers into Pine, Popular, and Oak, all with ease.  Each time the nailer sank the nails consistently.

So when it comes to performance, I have no issues at all.

The one thing I wish it did have was a dry lock-out feature.  So when you are out of nails, it will stop firing.  Now I know most brad nailers don’t have it, so not a huge negative and not enough for me not to invest in this nailer, but did want to note that aspect of the tool.

Metabo HPT Cordless Brad Nailer Value

You can pick this up on Amazon for about $349.  For me, this is worth every penny.  I love how reliable and consistent this nailer is.  So considering I am not following up my work with a nail punch and I can be sure this will sink a nail every time, it’s worth the money.

Metabo HPT Cordless Brad Nailer Final Thoughts

The bottom line, this is one of the best cordless nailers we have tested.  The nailer is powerful, consistent, and reliable.  What else can I ask for in a nailer?


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