Metabo Cordless Jig Saw STA 18 LTX – Work Don’t Play


I like to think of Metabo as the Unimog of tools.  The Unimog is a truck made by Mercedes Benz that is known for being a precisely well engineered durable machine.  “Work. Don’t Play”  is how Metabo operates and their tools reflect that.  I have been using the Metabo grinder a lot lately and have noticed some things, especially with the Metabo batteries, the air cooled charging system is awesome.  When the pack heats up from heavy use, it can be thrown on the charger hot and the charger will actually cool the battery.  When the charge cycle is done, the battery is cool and ready to work.  Another thing I like a lot is the fuel gauge on the pack, it is a time saver.

Metabo makes a serious tool, they are built for people who make their livelihood with tools.  I am going to go out on a limb here and say that the Metabo Cordless Jig Saw is the best cordless Jig Saw I have ever used to date.  The control of this saw has to be seen to be believed.  The saw ripped though a 3/4 piece of plywood like it was paper thanks to 2700 spm, 4 Orbital cut settings and a variable speed trigger.  I have never have worked with a saw that was so precise and easy to control, in the video look at the little effort it took to make a scroll cut and I did not even use a scroll blade.  You can also plunge cut with this saw, not once did the blade wander, it was secure and tight the entire cut.  The saw uses T shank blades and changing them is simple, just pull the front metal lever and insert the blade.  When you need to remove the blade pull the lever and the blade ejects with a spring action, so you don’t have to touch a hot blade.


The tool has a LED light that does a great job of illuminating the work area and the slight pull of the trigger turns it on without the saw engaging. It was comfortable and easy to hold even with work gloves on.  The hex tool in the base of the shoe allows you to unscrew the shoe and angle it up to 45 degrees left or right. I would rather have seen a tool free adjustment, but this way works fine. They have included a no mar guard for delicate surfaces.  The dust blower can be turned on or off with the flip of a switch.

The  STA 18 LTX is engineered to last and get the job done, it lays down smooth almost vibration free power and the control is second to none, backed by Metabo’s 3 year warranty, the STA 18 LTX is must have for the professional.  Check out Metabo here.



  1. Thanks for your reply.

    Does this Jigsaw also have a Lock On feature? If yes can the switch be locked at the desired speed setting?

    Thanks again.

  2. Have you tryed the barrel grip version of this tool ? Cose since the first time i’ve used a barrel grip jig saw ( a dewalt that got stolen ) i only use barrel grip ,now i have the bosch 7 amp love it ! I wish there was more cordless barrel grip jig saw but i know they are not popular in the USA


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