QuickCable Rescue 1800 Jump Pack – We put it to the test!


Ahh winter, the time when car batteries seem to fail in drones.  I worked a car dealership back in the 90’s and in the winter we had to jump everything.  In those days there was not portable jump packs like today, it was a big battery cart.   A marina is also a place where a jump pack is a necessity and they don’t seem to last.  The marina goes through 3 or 4 jump packs a year.  It is used daily, left off the charger for days at a time, left out in the rain and used in wet conditions, dropped, and has to crank big block engines that are in 35 degree water that take 10 minutes of cranking to start .  I set out to find a jump pack that would last and stand up to this.  I came across www.quickcable.com and gave them a call.  I spoke with a product rep and he explained all about their product line up.  They felt the Rescue Jump Pack 1800 would be the best fit for the marina environment.


The Rescue Jump Pack 1800 is perfect for this for a few reasons, it includes 2 20 Amp hour batteries which provide 4000 amps for incredible 12V cranking power.  It also has 62″ long cables that fit down into deep boat engine bays.  The long cables are also easy to work with and very flexible, you can tell a good quality cable was used here.  For storage, the cables wrap around the sides of the unit.  The clamps grip on good and are easy to open.  Included is a cord that plugs into the wall for charging.  In-case you accidentally reverse the polarity the unit will visually and audibly alert you.  An amber LED light on the front can also flash to aid in dark roadside conditions.  A standard DC power out is on the front of the jump pack and big battery status indicator is to the right of that.  The buttons are easy to operate even with gloves on.

Over the past months the unit held up great, we travelled down river with it to jump dead boats on their piers.  We used it to power hydraulic rams on trailers, test trailer lights and even lift electric shore stations.  Not once did the unit fail us, even when left off charge for a few days, it started boats like it was fully charged.  I know everyone at the marina was impressed with jump pack and still is.  The QuickCable Rescue 1800 Jump Pack does everything it claims to and then some.  Check out http://www.quickcable.com



  1. My 1800 Rescue is charge but the light stays red. This is after fully draining it yesterday hooked to. 3,000 inverter and running my tv.

    Why won’t the light switch green as usual when charged?


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