March Giveaways

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March is here and we have a couple giveaways for March we wanted to update you on.  Come on, who doesn’t like free stuff?  Well besides some depressed dude other than that, everyone loves free stuff.  So get this, a crew member is giving away something pretty cool.  Yes out of his own pocket, WigWag posted a giveaway on the forum.  He is giving away a Dewalt DW660 Cut-Out Tool.  As the infomercials taught, “but wait, that’s not all.”  He will also be giving away a mystery surprise.  Now if this shocks you that a crew member is giving away something, you shouldn’t be.  That is the kind of cool members we have over at the forum. This isn’t the first time a member has put their own giveaway together.  So if you’re not part of the forum, I would highly suggest heading over there, signing up and engaging with some very cool people.

If that isn’t enough to entice you to head over to the forum, how about a monthly tool giveaway.  Yes, once a month a winner is picked by the crew to win a tool.  This months’ giveaway is a Gorilla Ladder and a Keter portable tool box.  The voting has already started, so I would head over there today.

Also don’t forget about our Ryobi blow out giveaway.  Over a $1,000 worth of power tools to one lucky Tools in Action Crew Member.


  1. The forum is a great place to meet fellow tool enthusiasts. These guys will help with almost anything and show tools off. Come join us and be part of # TIACREW.

  2. Yes please sign up for the forum and the news letter. You will not be disappointed. Fun people, lots of free tools 🙂 and you get to see two schmucks make you laugh in YouTube videos.

  3. Great crew in the forum, they are always ready to help out with your questions. Also, be sure to stop by the pub, lots a fun stuff going on there. #tiacrew

  4. So I’m kind of new to Tools in Action (sent here from a AvE video), and have been watching your videos from about 2 months not and well, I’m a bit confused. You seem to LOVE everything you get your hands on, and well, it comes across to a newb that you don’t really review the tools as advertise them. Like I said, it’s how you come across to a new viewer. Have you ever disliked a tool? As a consumer, I would love to know what’s good, and what’s crap.

    • Glad you are here and thanks for you’re feedback. We do get tools we don;t like. However we usually take a look at tools we want to see and show off. There are a lot of times companies reach out to us and as you know some products are just crap. We tend to pass those up. We pass them up because if we think they are crap right off the bat, we figure why waste the readers time. We reviewed the powerwasher and liked it. But after use and seeing what people said in the long run, we changed our minds and updated the post –

      Also we do both professional and home owners tools. There are plenty of times we do a home owners tool that a professional would think is junk. However for the homeowner, it might be a great buy. Take a Black & Decker drill. If a professional was looking at the tool, they would say it’s junk. However a homeowner would see it different. A home owner who uses a drill a couple times a year wouldn’t want to pay a premium or $100 more for a drill that would sit on a shelf for most of the year. I hope this helps understand where we are coming from. When we show off a professional tool, we are thinking more of the contractors. When we show off a homeowners tool, our video or article is geared more to that audience as they will be looking for something different.


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