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Not too long ago we attended the Kobalt tool event in NYC, which you can read Dan’s article – Kobalt and Lowes Flex Some Muscle in the Power Tool Market.  The event was really cool and we had a lot of fun, plus we got to meet some old friends and make some new friends like:

Marc from Home Fixated

Ethan from One Project Closer

Stuart from Tool Guyd

We ended up meeting a lot of other cool people, some of them not even tool bloggers. Well enough of the small talk, I am sure you want to hear about winning a $25 gift card to Lowes.  As much as we would like to buy your love, we know from the Beatles, you can’t buy love.  But maybe we can buy your likes or friendship.  In order to win this card all you have to do is “Like us” on Facebook and you will be entered to win.  That’s not too hard is it?  If you are all ready our friends or like us on Facebook, don’t worry, you’re still entered to win the Lowes $25 Gift Card.


We will announce the winner on November 4, 2011.


Winner – Jermey J, Ohio.




  1. Hey guys, recently I picked up the dewalt 12 v max drill and impact driver from Lowe’s, and I noticed the the drills chuck has a wobble. I was wondering if you guys know if this is a big problem with dewalt tools, or did I get a bad one. Any info will be apprecated thanks.

    • Hi Ben, I think you got a bad drill. Lowe’s is pretty good about returns, I would just exchange it. I personally have never seen a Dewalt Chuck wobble, although I am sure it occurs. Dan


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