Kobalt Double Drive Screwdriver


Dan and myself went to the Kobalt tool event in NY and while we were there, we had the chance to play with the Kobalt Double Drive Screwdriver.  Luckily for us, they also gave us a free one to take home.  Unfortunately we couldn’t take them on the plane, so we had to pay $35 to check the bag.   I know, why would we pay $35 to check a bag in when we could have left the screwdriver behind, carried the bag on the plane and when we got back to Chicago, just went and bought this screwdriver for $20.  We could have saved $15.  The reason we didn’t do that was because it makes too much sense and that means we would have had to use our common sense.  Besides if we would have saved $15, Dan would have just blown the money on scratch off lotto tickets.

I have to admit before we went to the event, I have never really used any Kobalt tools.  I have seen them and picked them up before, but I don’t have a Lowes by my house, so I never really had the chance to play with them or use them in long applications.  From my brief use, they don’t seem like bad tools.  The ones we played with at the event were cool, well balanced and seemed to be pretty good.  In fact we will be doing a review of the 18V cordless driver soon, so for the first time I can really pick one up and play with it for a while before I make my opinion.  One thing that stood out was the Kobalt hand tools.  The hand tools I really liked.  I usually don’t get very excited about hand tools, but the Kobalt tools just felt good in my hands.  Which brings me to this review of the Kobalt 29 Piece Double Drive Screwdriver Set model 0362632.

The kit comes with 29 pieces.  You get the screwdriver, a flex extension, 6 nut drivers and 21 bit inserts.  Out of the 21 bit inserts, they are all different except you get 4 #2 Philip bits.  The rest are all different, so you do get a variety.  My guess is you will be using the Philips and flat head the most.

Ok what makes this kit or screwdriver so special.  Well it’s not the kit, it’s the screwdriver.  Kobalt has a patent on the Double Drive Technology which makes tightening and loosing fasteners much quicker.  Ok here is how it works.  As you see it looks like an ordinary screwdriver, but it’s not.  You can use it like a traditional ratcheting screwdriver driver where you inset the screwdriver into the fastener and then turn to the right and it tightens.  Then turn to the left and nothing happens and turn to the right again and it will tighten.  This way you can leave the tip inserted into the screw at all times which saves time.  Well with the Double Drive you can do this even quicker.  From the example we just talked about, anytime you turn to the right, you are performing an action and tightening the screw, but when you turn to the left, nothing happenings.  The Double Drive now makes turning to the left and right both perform an action.  The way to engage this feature is just hold the blue collar and now the Double Drive is in place.  So when you turn to the right, you still tighten.  Then when you turn to the left, even though you are turning the screwdriver to the left, it still turns the shaft to the right to tighten.  So as you can see with an ordinary ratcheting set you turn once for action and once for nothing.  With the Kobalt, each turn performs an action.  Just for your information you can do this when loosing fasteners also.  Just push or pull the thumb switch to select which way you want to use the screwdriver.

On the top of the screwdriver, you can unscrew the cap and have a storage place for your bits.  You will not be able to store the nut drivers or extension, so they will still be floating around somewhere to get lost.

Ok so hear is the low down.  The idea and concept are really cool.  As a professional, will you carry this on your belt?  Probably not because while it’s not extremely heavy, it does add weight.  Where the drive system is, you can feel the extra weight.  If you have a tool bag, you might have a place for it as a quick tool you might grab for.  My guess, this is great for the homeowner to have around.  Probably somewhere far away from your workshop.  It’s one of the screwdrivers you will have sitting in a junk drawer.  Not because it’s junk, but because it’s just that type of tool.  A screwdriver you will probably not be reaching for all the time, but when you need to quickly loosen or tighten a fastener, you can grab this and get the job done, without having to run to your shop or out to your truck.

Overall it’s a cool idea and very practical.  For $20 it’s hard to beat.  You get a nice variety of bits and drivers.  The Double Drive system is a cool advancement in the screwdriver arena.  With a lifetime warranty, how could you go wrong?


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  1. Thanks v. much for this web site! I love wandering through Home Depot looking at various tools, but don’t always know what they’re for and what they do. This site is helpful to a woman who wants to learn about them, and it can be very helpful in that way.

    Thanks again, guys!

    Giovanna V
    New York City

  2. My husband got a Kobalt double drive for his birthday. It’s a pretty cool tool but we can’t seem to figure out how to insert the flex extender attachment that came with it. What’s the trick?

    • For some reason we have heard this a lot about the flex. Wish I could give you an easy trick, but it just takes a little finesse. After doing it a couple times, its not to bad from what we heard. Our attached fairly easy, so I think this is just happening on some screwdrivers.

  3. The Kobalt Double Drive ratcheting screwdriver “as seen on tv” is NOT available at any Lowes in Wichita KS or on-line. Did Kobalt quit making them? If not when will they be available again? Thank you!!

    • That is weird. Thought it was nation wide. Not sure when they will be getting it. Did you try online? They are new and a great seller so I don’t think they quit making them.

  4. does the screwdriver have magnet that can help hold the nuts or screws? please reply if u still reading this .. and thanks for the great review .. and thank you for the reply also 🙂

  5. Lowe’s has them on sale right now through Jan. for $19.98 and this is for the 32 piece unit. That addy is:

    But, read the reviews. Not too good! Evidently Kobalt changed the upper part of the driver to PLASTIC instead of steel. I was going to buy at least one of these until I read the reviews.

    Do you know where I can obtain last years model??


    • There is another brand that has the same screwdriver that retains the metal case. I am not sure of the name, we saw them at the SEMA show, I will go though my notes and see if I can find out.

  6. Thanks Dan! That would be great! I really would like to get one, but NOT with junky plastic. I mean, c’mon, that’s where most of the torque is distributed from, and it will eventually break.

  7. Thanks again Dan!

    I actually bought TWO of the last year model Kobalt Drivers, for… get this… $45.00! I got them from eBay. And since they are last years model, they are metal… thank God!

    Thanks again Dan, you’ve been great!

  8. The double drive works great for low torque work. But for high torque work, I cannot hold the collar still with two fingers while turning the screwdriver with my entire other hand. Release the collar and it works fine as a regular ratchet srewdriver for the high torque work. It’s my favorite screwdriver now.


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