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A while back I was surfing on our Power Tool Forum and came across an interesting post called Do you have a favorite tire gauge that was posted by jbw55.  He posted a picture of his Longacre tire gauge and I thought it was very cool looking, much nicer than my cheap $5 gas station gauge.  Right after that we received a bunch of emails asking us to review and show these gauges off.  After doing a little research I found out these are from Longacre Racing Products who mainly deals with racing and performance items.  I looked around and found out they offer anything from inexpensive to higher priced gauges.  The one thing I noticed is all the great reviews about these gauges and how everybody loves them.  So here we are taking a look at three of their tire gauges.


Analog Tire Gauges – Deluxe 2 ½” GID Tire Gauge 0-60 by ½ lb

Analog Tire Gauges

Amazon Longacre – Analog Tire Gauges

This analog gauge has an easy to read face that reads in 1/2 lb. increments with a 2% accuracy and includes both angle and ball chucks.  Not only is this face easy to read, but it glows in the dark which is perfect for the darker environments.  Just below the gauge there is a button for high flow release.  The installed chuck has a swivel angle making it easier to take readings.  One cool feature is the gauge holds pressure until released which makes it easier to read.


Liquid-Filled Gauges – Liquid Filled 2½” GID Quick Fill Tire Gauge 0-60 psi


Longacre Liquid Tire Gauges

This gauge is a little different than the gauge above.  While this gauge is also analog, this one is liquid filled.  This gauge hooks up directly to your air hose so you can check and fill your tires all in one tool.  This also reads in 1/2 lb. increments.  As with the gauge above, the liquid gauge also includes both angle and ball chucks.  On the side, there is a tire or pressure release valve to bleed excess pressure.  The red hose is 17″ so more than enough length where you’re not trying to fight the gauge when performing a reading.  Again as with the gauge above, this also has a nice glow in the dark face making reading much easier.


Digital Tire Gauges – Digital Quick Fill Tire Pressure Gauge 0-60 psi


Longacre Digital Tire Gauges

If you prefer a digital air gauge, this may be the gauge you’re looking for.  This gauge connects directly to your air hose so you can check tire pressure and fill at the same time.  The digital gauge is easy to read and is also equipped with an easy to read back light that does a great job.  Again this gauge also has a tire bleed button to release excess pressure in your tires.  The 17″ hose with the angle or ball chuck is a quality hose line that seems like it can take everyday abuse.  If you are like me, I tend to forget to power off units.  Luckily this has an auto shut off to save your batteries.  While the other two gauges read in 1/2″ lbs, this one reads in .1 psi, so much more accurate readings can be taken with this gauge.  Accuracy is fairly tight at .2 lbs or .3%.  A nice added feature is the metal carrying case.  The case isn’t high quality or anything to write home about, but good enough to protect your gauge and that is what counts.

buyamazon1Longacre Racing Tire Gauge


As you know these tire gauges aren’t for everyone.  If you’re the guy who checks his tires once a year, I would say save your money.  If you are one who is into racing, a mechanic or a guy into their cars, I would check Longacre out.  The gauges are high quality and accurate, time after time.  People have been trusting them for a long time and with all the positive feedback on Amazon, you know it’s a great name.  I have to say these are quality and the glow in the dark faces are very cool.  Well worth the money.



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