Milwaukee Introduces Three New Lighting Solutions to their Trueview Family


We all know Milwaukee changed lighting in the tool industry.  It wasn’t too long ago companies would offer lights in their tool kits in order to increase their kit count.  However we all know these lights were ok, but they just never had that premium quality to them.  Well here we are once again and Milwaukee is introducing 3 new lights to their already great lighting line, the Trueview.

Trueview M18 LED Stand Light (2130-20)

Milwaukee Light 1Every job needs a good expandable light and the fact that this is bright and sets up in seconds, makes this the perfect solution.  This provides up to 2,000 lumens and has three output modes. A run time of 10 hours will get you through the work day.  The rotating and pivoting light head can be extended from 4-7’.  When not in use, the light can be collapsed down to 40” for easy transport and storage. The stand light has reinforced legs that are impact resistant and provide a stable base to protect against falling over.  Even the light head nests into a protective shroud for added protection.

  • Availability – November 2015
  • Price – $249
  • Output – 2,000 Lumens on high; 1,300 Lumens on Medium; 850 Lumens on Low
  • Features:
    • 5 Second Setup, Extendable from 4-7’
    • Collapsible to 40”
    • 26” Footprint


Trueview M18 LED HP Flood Light (2360-20)

Milwaukee Light 3While having a stand light is nice, sometimes you need a more portable light and that is where this Flood light comes into play.  The light is 20% brighter than 500W Halogen Flood Lights typically used on the jobsite, but without the heat.  Capable of providing up to 3,000 lumens of light, it has three output modes for optimizing brightness and a run-time up to 9 hours. Don’t own any Milwaukee batteries?  No problem, you can still use this light.  The light can run off of an AC cord for all day applications. Its head rotates 240° to direct light where it is needed, and 3 keyholes in its base make it easy to hang in multiple orientations.

  • Availability – November 2015
  • Price – $149
  • Output – 3,000 Lumens on High and Strobe; 1,500 Lumens on Medium; 650 Lumens on Low
  • Features:
    • Dual Power Source: M18 or Corded
    • Durable Roll Cage


Trueview M12 LED Spot Light (2353-20)

Milwaukee Light 2Looking for a Spot Light?  This might be your solution.  With a beam distance of 700 yards, the Spot Light offers users the ability to spot objects and areas at a great distance away.  The light has various output modes for greater light clarity depending on the situation, including a strobe mode for safety situations. It can run up to 4 hours on high and 8 hours on low and strobe.


  • Availability – October 2015
  • Price – $69
  • Output – 750 Lumens on High; 400 Lumens on Low; 800 Lumens on Strobe
  • Features:
    • 700y Beam Distance
    • IPX4 rated for all weather use
    • 1.4 lbs.




  1. Has anyone been to homedepot say this week and saw the new dewalt TOUGH JOBSITE RADIO IT HAS 4 SPEAKERS AND 2 SUBWOOFERS FOR $199 WOULD LIKE SOMEONE AT TIA TO REVIEW IT

  2. Is it just me or the Milwaukee lighting is getting kind of expensive? I feel like the stand light should be between 150/200 and the flood light say around $100?

      • I do like Milwaukee tools and their marketing machine makes you feel good buying them, but they could get in trouble if they get too greedy with their pricing. The stand would sell like hotcakes for $150 and I bet they are building it for less than that. I think it will be a slow seller at $250 halogen lights suck, but they are dirt cheap you can get them for 20/30 bucks all day long.


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