A bright Idea – New Innovative Lighttools by SPG


Streamworks Product Group, Inc (SPG) is introducing a revolutionary new idea that we think is going to be a hit.  SPG will be introducing three new LED tools:

  • Pliers
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • Wire Cutters

There is nothing revolutionary about those three tools as they have been around for a long time.  What is revolutionary though is that they have an LED light on the inside of the hand tool.  So when the user opens the pliers, a bright LED light will shed light onto the work area.  This tool would be great for any trade.  They have patented this idea as the “Hub-Light” we think this is the beginning of a long line of tool related products from SPG.

The system uses 3 replaceable watch batteries and has 5 hours of run time.  One thing that really caught our eye was that they are waterproof, oil-proof and chemical proof.  So not only are they a cool idea, it is actually one that can be put to use in the real world and take the abuse of today’s tools.

They will be available in the summer of 2011.  No word on what the cost of these hand tools will be or under what brand name they will be distributed under.



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