Husky Tool Bag Review


Recently we purchased the Husky 16in & 12 in tool bag combo from Home Depot on Black Friday, so naturally we had to do a short review.


Although mainly known as Home Depot brand tools. Husky has been around since 1924, they offer a lifetime warranty on most of there hand tools and have a great price point.

We were generally impressed with the quality of this product the seams were strong, the zippers worked well and the over feel of the bag was heavy duty. The amount of side pockets is great for any job. With the wide open top design you can easily fit your power tools or any large item you may have.

These bags come with a three year limited warranty. Overall we like these bags they make are a great way to transport and protect your tools. I personally like these bags over other comparable  bags that I have seen because of the vast amount of outside pockets.



  1. Outside pockets are essential on something like this, which I’ve learned the hard way, I hate digging around in my duffel bags (yep I actually use duffel bags to haul some tools) for stuff, I should pick one of these up and give it a try

  2. if ur big on organizing, this is the bag for u..i have the 16in. one and im not positive on how many pockets it exactly has, but i know it will b plenty for the owner. it opens up nice and wide on top so u could pack that sucker to the brim and still b able to zip it up. The only downfall i had with it was left it out in the rain a couple times while pouring it wasn’t pouring that bad, and got inside and my tools got wet, and some a little rusty., but o well.. who said it was waterproof? haha…overall very handy, organazational bag. From 1-10 i’d give it a 9….would b 10 if it was rainproof..

  3. I am so bummed! After only 2 years, the webbing for both handles at both ends completely tore through. And with only light usage – this bag mostly stayed in the truck, and with only light hand tools in it – tape, screwdriver, box cutter, etc. I will never buy Husky again…


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