Lacrosse Boots Review

Lacrosse Boots Review

Not too long ago I reviewed Lacrosse Women’s Boots and really loved them. Rubber boots go a long way in protecting your feet in tough conditions. If you’re a hunter, rubber boots are your best ally against the elements. Even as a property owner though they come in handy too. With the woods, mud and critters where we live in Texas a good pair of utility boots is a must. When you add features like waterproof materials, chemical resistant rubber, and a steel toe, you are creating an unstoppable combination for ultimate protection. Does Lacrosse knock it out of the park again with this pair? Well, only one way to find out. Lets put them to the test in the Lacrosse Boots Review.

Lacrosse Boots Review Overview

Lacrosse Footwear has been around for over a hundred years. Very few companies are as resilient as Lacrosse has been, without a doubt that comes down to quality. Lacrosse focuses on the features you need in rubber boots and keeps the comfort and durability at the forefront in their design process. After loving my Lacrosse Boots so much, I wanted to see how the men’s boots stacked up too. My husband was kind enough to lend himself as the test subject and to say he is a believer in Lacosse is an understatement.

Lacrosse Boots Review Features

Lacrosse Boots Review

Lacrosse’s Alpha Aggressive Boots feature a 16-inch shaft height and weigh in at 5.1 pounds.

Lacrosse Boots Review

The contrasting colors of the brown and yellow of the Alpha Aggressive model bring some style to the utility boots.

Lacrosse Boots Review

Lacrosse included a 3.5 mm steel toe, adding needed protection to the toes and front of the foot.

Lacrosse Boots ReviewUsing tear resistant, abrasion resistant and chemical resistant rubber Lacrosse provides the ultimate protection from exposure.

Lacrosse Boots Review

Lacrosse combines the rubber exterior with a neoprene interior making the boots 100% waterproof.

Lacrosse Boots Review

The rubber gusset allows for easy on and off of the boots and allows for a variety of calf sizes with the adjustable strap.

Lacrosse Boots Review

The insole is fully removable allowing for cleaning and replacement.

Lacrosse Boots Review

The outsole is designed using enhanced rubber designed with deep-lugged tread for better traction and a more comfortable feel even in extended use. The rubber is designed with work use in mind and greatly improves stability and protection.

Lacrosse Boots Review

The ankle-fit of the Alpha Aggressive boots keep the boot secure to your feet but remain comfortable during wear.

Lacrosse Boots Review Performance

Lacrosse Footwear makes some amazing boots. My husband felt they were comfortable and durable. The ankle-fit was secure enough to not become clumsy during use but still allowed enough room to breathe as well. The boots run true to size, as his normal size 11 fit perfect. One thing we wondered about was the weight of the boots. 5.1 pounds seems like a lot but the weight is quickly forgotten once you are wearing them.

One of his favorite features was the steel toe. The steel toe added a lot of protection against the elements and simple things like a branch falling or shuffling through the woods, and even our kid’s ability to always step on our toes. The tread offered a lot of assistance in keeping balance and proper footing in the mud and even performed well during a small oil spill in the garage. Overall, these boots performed consistently with their claims as I have found with the other pairs I reviewed.

Lacrosse Boots Review Value

The Lacrosse Alpha Aggressive come in at $170 dollars. These boots have a lot of features to carry such a reasonable price point. They are an investment, but absolutely one worth considering. A lot of comparable boots have some of the features the Alpha Aggressive boots have, but generally not all. If you are looking for ultimate protection against water, chemicals and tearing, then the Lacrosse Alpha Aggressive’s offer the most substantial protection without breaking the bank.

Lacrosse Boots Review Final Thoughts

Lacrosse is an amazing brand that seems to really understand the value of protective footwear. The Alpha Aggressive model includes the best footwear features you can find without sacrificing comfort and durability. The steel toe, neoprene and rubber construction, and enhanced tread leave nothing out in protection. If you are looking for a pair of really great boots that will protect you no matter what, then take a look at Lacrosse Footwear.


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