Klein Super Rod Wire Pulling Products


Super Rod based in the UK has some pretty innovative tools.  Klein has teamed up with them to release 3 wire pulling tools here in the USA.

  • The Wirespanner Plus – An 18′ telescopic pole that retracts to 32″.  This allows it to store easy and you can easily carry it around with out knocking over the Queens 18th century Chinaware.  From the video below it looks like a great idea.
  • Magnetic Wire Pulling System –  We have seen this idea before like in the Magnapull Wire Fishing System.  The Super Rod / Klein system looks to be more compact and unique as it will navigate around obstructions like pipes in the wall as seen in the video.
  • SuperRod Polymer Fish Rod Set – This set is flexible to allow you to get into the tightest of situations, great for low voltage techs.  It has glow in the dark accessories to allow you to see it in the dark.

The Klein press release mentioned that these tools were also repeat recipients of the Queens award for innovation.  Hey if they are good enough for the Queen of England they should be good enough for the job site.  For more visit the Klein Tools website.



  1. I am very interested in the magnetic pulling system. The puck looks a little large so I will wait unti I see it first hand at the Depot or when you guys do a review for me.

  2. I would like to have one of those sets laying in the tool box for the right time I needed it. I wish the price was with it in the videos. But I guess theyre only in UK? Right? Now I’ll have to go look them up. That’s the point too I guess. Lol. #tia #tiacrew

  3. Great introduction to the product Dan. Not sure if I’d run into enough need for it, but it looks like top of the line.

  4. Pretty sweet. I hate pulling wiring. Maybe this will make it more like going fishing, and who doesn’t like that.

  5. Not sure how I missed this post! That’s awesome ok Leon to those are some really sweet looking tools. They magnetic wire puller looks like it’ll be one valuable addition to the bag.

  6. Seems to involve more finess than the muletape and skid steer method of pulling wire. I’d be interested to try one of these. #TIACREW


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