Bosch SGH182 18V Drywall Screwgun Giveaway

Bosch SGH182

Wow, three giveaways in one day.  While all the giveaways are awesome, this is my personal favorite.  We are giving away a Bosch SGH182 Drywall Screwgun, which is part of their 18V platform.  This is the easiest of all the giveaways since you don’t even have to leave our website.  All we are asking you to do is leave a comment on any of our articles.  It doesn’t have to be this article, it can be any of our articles on Tools in Action.  We will pick one random winner on May 1, 2016.  Good luck and remember, someone has to win, why not you?



  1. Love that strip attachment, Use to have the Senco Strip flooring gun…Back saver for sure…Love that stuff.

    The very substance of the ambitious is merely the shadow of a dream. 😀
    William Shakespeare

  2. My first drill was a Bosch, and I’ve been buying tools from the them since! In my experience, Bosch tools generally have a lighter weight then their competitors, and are overall more compact. Small, light, compact tools are extremely valuable to me since I end up using them to work on electronics most of the time, however they still got the power to do the heavier work.

  3. This would be sweet. Nothing like an actual screw gun for hanging rock. Used a cordless drill with a special bit for the last project. It worked ok but nothing near what this could do. Awesome.

  4. Man, I was really hoping they would bring the 12v brushless drywall screwgun to the US. From what I could see online the 18v and 12v are very similar screwguns, size wise. Either way, I could definitely use this. I am currently using my fathers old Sears & Roebuck Craftsman Drywall screwgun from the mid 80’s. The cord is frayed and it hadn’t been used for ~9 years when I found it in his shop. Plugged it in and away I went to the sound of a thousand angry squirrels.

  5. I wish I had this on my last remodel, I have Bosch 18 Volt line, and I love them. Great tools, I had to use a regular drill for my drywall work, until I borrowed a friends Dewalt corded drywall gun. What a difference it is having the right tool for the job. This Bosch 18 Volt drywall gun is sure to be a step above, in ease of use over any corded version.

  6. This drywall driver’s ergonomic design looks like a comfortable fit for a normal sized hand. The included sleeve that accepts screw sleeves is a great added value. This gun would be also useful for applying deck boards.

  7. I am on the jobsite and this tool would be perfect. When you are putting up rock there are to cords laying around and being yanked. This tool is perfect for almost any type of contractor. I wonder if there are decking screws that you can feed into this gun? #tiacrew

  8. Bosch does it again it looks like. Would be a nice addition to someone that works with drywall for a living. # TIA CREW

  9. I have the 10.8v brushless version of this! Awesome little guy. I would like to try it’s big brother to see how the two compare. The ergonomics of the handle is ideal for running in drywall screws all day.

  10. I’d love to have one in my tools collection. We’re building our house this fall, so it will come to good use.

  11. really like the look and fuction of this thing would make life a lot easier if i had this right now using my impact and a drywall screw setter to get work done

  12. I am moving in with my father in-law and helping him with many renovations in his house. Have a few rooms where it was completely gutted. This driver will save time with that strip attachment. Love Bosch most all my tools are bosch and have no tool I don’t love.

  13. These drywall gun look very similar to dewalts versa-clutch. Do these have clutches too? Cause like I use the dewalts for putting in steel screws and you need a clutch or you will burn out your motor. Thanks.

  14. I’m a little curious how easy it is to set the depth. I’m invested in Bosch’s 18V lineup, awesome tools, and excellent battery life! #TIACREW

  15. Great giveaway by the #tia guys. Cordless drywall screw gun from Bosch. Can’t beat that. Great quality. Bosch is one of the most reliable tools on the market.

  16. I had planned on getting this on the next larger drywall job. Does anyone know how well the auto feed attachment works in corners, will it set the screw or leave it a bit proud of the surface?

    On a side note I am responding a bit late due to not being able to read the site on my phone. I am sure the site works great on Android and Apple however it doesn’t render correctly on Windows Phone (I know I am very minority in using it). All of the pictures render so large you can’t do anything. Hope it helps and keep up the good work.

  17. Have been using a 18v Dewalt heavy duty drill for drywall. Talk about heavy. That new gun looks so light and sweet. Great that it can change from strip screws to bulk hate to carry two guns when one will due.

  18. I think a lot of people see “drywall screw gun” and think that’s it’s only purpose. This can be used for a ton of things, as long as it’s not something fussy like cabinet hinge screws. If you’re slamming a project together a drywall gun rocks! I have a Power Box radio and a Bosch hammer drill that would love the Bosch cordless screw gun company! I wish they would update their tools more often, but when Bosch releases something they really nail it.

  19. I am disabled and am attempting to build a wall in garage for washer / dryer. This sheet rock tool would certainly help. Thanks

  20. Would love to add the Bosch SGH182 to my tools. AWESOME Kit with the extra attachment, 2x 4.0 Batteries, Charger, and case. I’ve seen the Bosch SGH182 and love that it’s lighter than others in the same class. TIA, thank you for putting this on, keep up the good work.

  21. These typs of screw guns are actually pretty damn awesome, I used to have one Wayback in the day . I don’t believe it was a Bosch, but it was the same type of gun…earlier design. mine only took the strips of screws though you could not use it as a standalone screw gun. This thing kicked ass when having to put up drywall in a hurry. Only thing s I did not like about it was that you had to hold the gun at a funky angle in order for the screw to drive in all the way … Also it did not work very well in the corners due to the type of tip Guide that was on it, otherwise it would drive in partially and then start stripping the head of the screw. Hopefully boss has figured out a way around the little problem and this thing kicks ass, great-looking tool.

  22. I have many CORDED Bosch tools. I have yet to add a cordless to the collection. If this tool works as well as the corded ones, I’d be happy to to find a place for it in my crypt. I’m planning to ‘gut’ a bathroom soon. A screwshooter will come in real handy.

  23. I so need this.. been hanging for 14 years and the oast 3 years I been working by myself.. I even hang whole houses myself with tekpro pannel lift, this gun would b awesome abd I would totally make a video of my using it and share it with the #tiacrew

  24. Hi guys I’m 14 years old and love to work with my hands and I love tools! Ive owned my own landscaping company since 2010 Nad love working! The Bosch tools looks really good and would work great for fencing a decking jobs!! Hope this will go to someone who is going to use it!

  25. Theses are so handy another contractor has that tool and I borrow it all the time. It is so much easier than dragging the cord around for my senco. The strip coalition is a must more than doubles your production.
    Please let me win this

  26. Would love to add this to my Bosch collection, summer rolling around I plan on rebuilding my deck so this would be very helpful!

  27. Bosch is my second favorite tool manufacturer with Milwaukee being first. The Bosch drywall gun looks like a quality tool and well thought out with the extra strip attachment. I would think it would be a nice addition to anyone’s kit.

  28. Thought for sure I’d left a comment, late to the party but this is a great fun, I have the Dewalt and I love it but the nice thing about the Bosch it is a skinnier tool for a greater grip on the tool and a little less weight. Great giveaway guys!! #TIACREW

  29. Bosch always has real quality tools, especially their handheld measuring tools and accessories. This sounds like a top notch drywall gun. I would no longer have any more excuses stopping me from gutting one last room in my house, because drywall install is one thing I don’t fancy doing, but this would make it enjoyable again.. Great giveaway, and stay awesome Dan and Eric! #tiacrew

  30. Nice giveaway thanks tools inaction thanks Bosch that is one nice gun it comes complete battery and charger with the collated attachment too.

  31. awesome giveaway #tiacrew, you guys are something else, been looking at the new dewalt, but alittle blue mixed in with
    my yellow and red will look nice

  32. This looks like a great product, and I do still have my Bosch 18v stuff, but long ago I graduated from “drywall screw guns” to the collated-type setups like the Senco. I wish Bosch/Milwaukee would make a collated cordless gun. They work awesome for not just drywall but also subfloors.

  33. So glad to found your webpage. Nice to find people give personal opinion about tools.. Helps a lot about what to buy. Going to do some remodeling soon will help a lot… So be great guys like you are and send my way… Thanks for the chance at great giveaways…

  34. Great tool for my dad, I’ve never tried Bosch tho? Heard many great things about it but as a Dewalt fan it’s hard to switch over or try it .-.

  35. I agree with the battery upgrade. Otherwise sounds like a worthwhile product. Would be good for fixing the damage from my basement leak.

  36. Very nice design ! It sure would beat using a cordless drill, which does work but the Bosch drywall screw gun looks like a very slim design and well balanced which would stand out very quickly even on a small job

  37. I have just recently switched from Rigid to Bosch tools. The difference between the products was tremendous. My next purchase was going to be this drywall gun. But the hook up from tools in action would be awesome!

  38. This cordless screw gun has been on my list to pick up, I just haven’t pulled the trigger on it yet. It would be awesome to win one, love your videos guys!

  39. One of my coworker’s has the Makita cordless drywall screw gun. It has a great feature in that it can be locked on but the motor doesn’t engage until there is pressure on the screw. I still use a corded gun but I’ve been researching the many cordless models on the market. I currently have Milwaukee and Bosch cordless kits. Milwaukee doesn’t offer a cordless drywall gun which I find peculiar as they have every other cordless tool. I still have a corded Milwaukee drywall driver that’s 25 years old. I really like the Bosch SGH182, along with the MA55 attachment I believe that this would be the right tool for me.

  40. I really NEED this cordless collated screw gun! I love Bosch blue and have run Bosch blue for all my cordless and 240v power tools for over 6yrs, very happy, they are are quality, reliable and trade tough tools!!! 🙂

  41. The first tool is start out with i a bosch screw gun I am apprentice dry liner it would be a big difference to win collated screw gun


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