Klein Knife Review

Klein Knife Review

Knives are a tool that fascinates me. I am not sure if it’s the way they feel in your hand, the cold hard steel or the feeling that nothing can get in my way and that I can tackle any job. OK, well a lot of jobs. One thing I remember is my grandfather used to always carry a pocket knife on his side and I would see him using it at least once a day. Like him, I like carrying a pocket knife. Speaking of knives, let’s take a look at the Klein Knife Review.

Klein Knife Review Overview

For this review, I am not going into a ton of detail about the metal, the construction or from a point of view of a cutler. I am going into this review as a consumer who needs a good knife. For me, I care about the feel of a knife, if it stays sharp longer and if it doesn’t cost a lot since I lose my stuff all the time.

Klein Knife Review Features

Klein Knife Review

The two Klein knives were are talking about today are the Bearing Assisted knife (44213) and the Spring assisted Pocket knife (44223).

Both knives feature a 3.4″ blade, with a closed length of 4.6″ and a total length of 8″. The bearing assisted knife has a straight blade while the spring assisted has a straight blade with a serrated backend.

Klein Knife Review

The spring assisted knife uses a thumb screw to flip open quickly and the bearing assisted knife flip lever along with your wrist.

Klein Knife Review

The bearing assisted knife uses a frame lock to make sure the blade doesn’t close while using.

Klein Knife Review

The 44223 spring assisted knife goes one step further and uses an extra safety lock along with a liner lock.

Klein Knife Review

Both knives feature a pocket clip and cannot be moved to the other side of the knife.

Klein Knife Review Performance

The bearing assisted knife (44213) seems like a heavy duty knife and has a little weight to it. While the flip lever is nice, it’s not the smoothest I have ever used. I am not saying it’s bad but I do know some people want something very smooth. This has more of a tough feel and tough sound when it opens, a steel on steel.

I like the Tanto blade for piercing applications. The stainless steel blades mean it should hold an edge longer than cheaper blade materials which is always a huge plus.

For those who like a drop point and spring assisted knife, the 44223 is a great knife. I feel this knife opens much smoother, while it still has that toughness to it. This knife uses a  440A Stainless Steel which again means it should hold it’s sharpness for a while.

Klein Knife Review Value

The bearing assisted knife retails for about $28 on Amazon. I have seen some knives like this for less, but I would rather buy this for two reasons. First, I just love the feel of this knife.  Second, since Klein is an American company with American employees, I would rather spend a couple of extra bucks and support us.

The spring assisted knife retails for about $30 on Amazon. Again not a bad price as I love the thickness of the knife and how it opens.

Klein Knife Review Final Thoughts

Again I am not reviewing this from a cutler perspective, I am reviewing it form a consumer standpoint. While these knives are a little pricier than some other like knives, I would rather buy these knives. I love the weight and how they both open. They have that toughness feeling to them. Again not sure if it’s the steel on steel or what, but it’s one of those knives that just feel good in your hands. If you need an EDC knife, this is a great option to own since it can take a beating and is designed for tougher environments compared to other EDC knives in the market.


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