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Klein Clamp Light Review

Klein Clamp Light Review

Klein is one of the oldest tool companies that is still producing quality tools. They date back to 1857 and besides building a quality hand tool, most of them are made right here in America which is always a plus. Ask any electrician and I am sure they have a Klein story to tell you or better yet, I am sure they can pull out one of their grandfather’s tools and show you first hand. Over the years, Klein has been moving into other areas and creating products for electricians such as tool storage, coolers and more. Now you can add on more item to the list, a clamp light. So what do we think of this new job site light? Let check it out in the Klein Clamp Light Review and find out.

Klein Clamp Light Review Overview

Being on a job site, you know how little job site lighting there can be, if even at all. Job site lighting has been a category that has been growing by leaps and bound with LED lights becoming more common. Companies are starting to create cool lighting option to help tradesman do their jobs.

We are seeing anything from a simple pen light that might run $15 all the way up to a standing light that will run over a $1,000.  As an electrician, your need can fluctuate but Klein has designed a solution that will fit in your bag, clamp on a stud, hold in your hand or even set on a tabletop to help provide better lighting while you work.

Klein Clamp Light Review Features

The Klein clamp light, model 56029, features a single LED light. The light provides 250 Lumens and an 8-hour runtime. On low, you can expect 125 Lumens and 10-hour runtime.  The light is powered by 4-AA batteries which are accessed by removing two screws. The light also has an IP 54 rating.

This light is simple to use. Press the button once and the light will turn to high mode. Another press of the button and you will enter low mode and a final press will turn the light back off.

One unique feature of this light is the clamp. On the back of the light, you can clap the light to different materials and shine it to your area of work.

As with any clamp, just pull the lever and the clamp will get smaller. The clamp uses a metal rod with a metal spring and bar.

To release the clamp, there is an orange push button that will release the clamp to the open position.

The head rotates 360 degrees in a continuous motion.

The head will even pivot 90 degrees which means you can pretty much since the light in any direction

When Klein designed the light, the not only used a protective plastic cover to protect the light, but the cover will also glow in the dark.

Klein Clamp Light Review Performance

I have t admit at first I wasn’t a huge fan of the light. While I liked it, I thought it was missing something. I wanted more power. But after using it and working with it, the 250 is more than enough brightness for darker areas.

The light does a great throwing light in a wide area. There are a couple of things I would like to see with this light. I do wish it had a magnet as it would just give one more option for mounting. Also while I love the light, it doesn’t seem to be a true white light. I could be wrong, but it has a small tint to it.

Clamping it to a stud, around a pipe or having it stand up, the light does a nice job of providing extra light and lighting up your workspace.

Klein Clamp Light Review Value

The light retails for about $40 on Amazon. Is this a fair price? I like the quality and the clamping capabilities of the light. For an electrician who is working on panels and other areas, yes, it’s a good value and worth the money.  When I think about other tradesmen, there might be better options out there as they won’t be using the clamping feature as much.

Klein Clamp Light Review Final Thoughts

As with other Klein products, I love the quality they put behind their products. The light isn’t any different. While I would like to see a magnetic, the clamp is an awesome feature and will let you set this light up in a variety of different environments.

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