Kitchen – Tips and Tricks


Everybody likes a nice kitchen! Not only do we want it to look nice and clean, but we want it to be as efficient and functional as possible. We thought a few tips and ideas on how to get the most use out of a kitchen as possible would be a good addition to our arsenal of information. We hope you can find the following information useful!


When thinking about changing your kitchen around, consider creating counter tops of various heights. Different tasks in the kitchen require different heights for counters. If you can’t adjust counter heights, make sure you have a stool around to make the adjustments.

To keep from getting burns or blemishes or cuts in your counter top, make sure you use cutting boards. If you do have burns or blemishes, you can hide them with a glazed tile. Just glue the tile right over the damaged area and use it as a counter top trivet.

A long slot cut into a counter top can hold knives close to where you need them, and keep space on the counter open from the clutter of a knife block.


You really should not use pre finished laminated or strip flooring with beveled edges. The grooves collect crumbs and other junk, plus it is harder to polish or refinish these floors.

If you need to fix a small tear in vinyl flooring, do it with a dot of tub and tile caulk in a matching color. Level the caulk and remove the excess  with a swipe of damp cloth. Your last move is to then seal the repair.

When it is time for you to wax or finish your floor, give the entire floor one good coat and then add a second coat to the high-traffic areas. Now both areas will wear in an even manner.


If you feel like sparing your feet of aches and pains from stepping on cans, put together a couple of 2x4s joined together by a heavy duty hinge. Cut them to your desired length with a custom handle at the end. Now you can smash cans all day long!


You can get rid of refrigerator and freezer odors by simply putting a cup of ground coffee in the inside of the refrigerator and leaving it over night, if the odors are still lingering, repeat the process until smells are gone.


  • If you buy expensive solid-surface counter top materials and try to install them yourself, you will probably void any manufacturer’s warranty.
  • For any kitchen items you have purchased, file receipts, instructions and warranty information in a file close to the kitchen.
  • when buying appliances, make sure you measure them to see if they will fit in the designated kitchen area you plan on keeping them.
  • when buying counter tops, don’t accept a plastic laminate counter top if the seam is in the middle of a large work area.




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