Dewalt TrackSaw Review – Model Number DWS520K




We just finished our review of the Dewalt TrackSaw.  Wow, what an amazing product.  We are just wondering why Dewalt didn’t introduce it to the states earlier.  Actually, this saw was being sold in Europe for awhile, but now it is being sold in the U.S.  If you are trying to figure out what the next power tool should be to add to your collection, take a serious look at this TrackSaw as you won’t be disappointed.

Dewalt makes two versions of the TrackSaw, a corded and cordless saw.  The cordless version runs on a 28VLithium Ion battery.  Both saws have a 47 degree bevel capacity and use a 6.5″ saw blade.  The Cordless version has a no load speed of 3500, while the corded version has a no load rate of 1750-4000.  In regards to weight, both are extremely light.  The cordless version weights 12.3lbs and the corded weights in at 11.5lbs.  The depth cut for both versions are 2-1/8″ @ 90 degrees and 1-5/8″ at @ 45 degrees.  Some of the other features both saws have are the dust post which you can hook up to your dust collector, keeping messes at a minimum, and an anti-kick back and riving knife feature for protection from kick backs.  There is also a low profile blade guard which allows the saw to be used in confined spaces.

For our review we tested the corded version, model number DWS520K.  The TrackSaw has plenty of power and we never felt the need for more as it sliced through even a 1″ piece of plywood with ease.  We pushed the saw at a faster than normal rate.  The power is produced by a 12 Amp 1300W motor.   Now, for those of you who are not familiar with a Track Saw system, it is a very simple concept.  As the name implies, it is a circular saw that travels along a track to make a straight cut.  Oh yeah, splinter free.

When we first found out about the TrackSaw we couldn’t wait to test it.  Actually, we were like Ralphie checking the mail every day for his Red Ryder BB gun, we just couldn’t wait.  Well, the day came and there it was, not the BB gun, but the TrackSaw and the track.  Once we opened everything up, we did have to set up the saw, which was very easy.  It took us about a minute to set up.  All you have to do is loosen two screws, insert the saw into the track and adjust the saw for the track.  Then you use a piece of scrap wood and make a cut going one way down the track and then cut on the other side.  All this does is cut the anti-splinter strip so your track and saw now work together to make a splinter free cuts.

The Track

The track is made out of aluminum and is very light weight.  We were working with a 59″ track, although we would recommend getting at least the 102″ so you can cut a piece of plywood long ways.  If you want, Dewalt also offers the feature of attaching one track to another.  Another nice feature Dewalt implemented with the track system is the ease of replacing the items that receive wear and tear, such as the Anti-splinter strip, Glide strip (which is on top, and the saw glides over) and the Friction strip (which is on the bottom of the track, and helps the track stay in place).  One of the best benefits of the TrackSaw is the time it will save.  No longer do you have to take the wood to a table saw, or set up a 2×4 across a piece of plywood to get a straight cut with a circular saw.

Once our system was set up,we could have some fun and do some cutting.  We were able to do a lot with the saw and as Dewalt claims, everything was splinter free and very easy.  The first thing we did was cut a 1″ piece of plywood.  We ran the saw through rather quickly to try and get it to bog down, but it ran through with ease.  Actually, we think the saw was laughing at us and wanted something more.   The saw produced a nice clean, straight cut.  We then cut some chipboard.  Anyone who has ever cut Chipboard knows what a nightmare it can be.  We thought for sure we would get some chip or rough edges, but nope, everything was nice and smooth.  We were actually having so much fun cutting, we ended up cutting up all the chipboard and plywood and forgot that we needed to take video.  So we ended up grabbing a 3/4″ piece of plywood and 1/4″ board from the rafters and used those for the videos.  As you can see, when we cut the plywood, the saw ran through it with no problem and the cut was straight and best of all, clean.  On the 1/4″, which usually breaks and chips with a circular saw, we got the same results, very clean.

The plunge feature is great.  This allows the user to start anywhere on the board and make a clean cut.  In the video we only showed one example, but we were making a lot of cuts with the 1″ when we were playing around with the saw.  We didn’t have a problem cutting a nice clean square or rectangle.

Final Thoughts

Bravo Dewalt.  All in all, this is a great saw and we would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a new one.  The Dewalt TrackSaw puts the fun back in work, even though it’s not really work with the TrackSaw.


Dewalt also offers a Dewalt Track Bag DWS5025, TRACK CLAMP – DWS5026, TRACK T-SQUARE – DWS5027, TRACK MITER GAUGE – DWS5028, Dewalt TrackSaw Router Attachment DWS5031.  If you are rough with your tools, we would suggest buying the Track bag to protect your track.

Once the weather clears up in Chicago, we are going to work with a roofer and let him get a run with this saw.  We also have plans to work with a cabinet maker and a carpenter who will be hanging some doors soon.

What are you thoughts, we would like to hear from you.




  1. I have been using the festool for some time and love it. I love the track system. We have three that are getting pretty old and need to be replaced. After hearing how much you guys like the Dewalt system, I going to take a closer look at those and might even go with the TrackSaw.

  2. It took me a few projects to get used to, but I’m coming down firmly in the area of fanhood for the dewalt track saw

  3. i had seen a festool version liked the simplicity of the saw, been a dewalt fan bought the dewalt dws520k early this year never put it down, i use it all the time, its a time saver tool excellent 10/10

  4. The Festool saw has been selected as the editors’ choice in all four of the reviews done by major trade publications. The availability of many more accessories and the fact that Festool invented and has been refining the design of the saw and rail combination for more than 60 years is something to consider.

  5. Hi the.
    About the dealt track saw dews 520k, sp 6000 Makita, and Festoon TS 55 eq-plus is all the same styles. All are lift handed. There’s no right handed. Why? It is possible to make a new style with the right hand? That’s the big (?) in mine mind. Hope you will forward these messages into 3 companies why they are not making in both ways.
    Mr. anareb.

  6. Hi there.
    About the dealt track saw dews 520k, sp 6000 Makita, and Festoon TS 55 eq-plus is all the same styles. All are lift handed. There’s no right handed. Why? It is possible to make a new style with the right hand? That’s the big (?) in mine mind. Hope you will forward these messages into 3 companies why they are not making in both ways.

    Mr. anareb.

  7. Hey I notice there is a grinding sound on start up and periodically during the cut cumming from the saw. Sounds like bearings or a bad bushing?

    Is this a normal sound for the saw or is it a defect?

  8. No the sound you hear is because we use a cheap video camera and the sound has more to do with the microphone than the saw. We have used this for a while without any problems.

  9. I just purchased a track saw kit last month and I am now on my third one. They seem to work fine, but there is defiantly a grinding sound to the saw. THE DEWALT rep doesn’t like the sound (and feel) either, and has opened 4 other new boxes and they all make the same sound. My warranty on the tool has been extended and they are looking into a solution to the problem. I am to use the saw I have untill they can either fix or replace it with one without the grinding startup.
    i will keep the readers updated.

  10. That’s interesting. After the review we gave it to a local contractor and we spoke with him. He said it was still running good. I am wondering if they make these in a couple different locations and they have a bad process or something. Thanks for keeping us updates

  11. I don’t have one in hand .. Yet .. but I suspect that what you characterize as a grinding sound on start up, is typical for “soft-start” electronics .. perhaps just more noticable resonating through the housing. The soft-start is a class act, for both saws.

    I was really put off by the pricing for a long Festool track .. $260+ for a few pounds of aluminum extrusion (102″ track) is totally rediculous .. jmho. I found the DeWalt DWS520K on Amazon today for $354.98 .. includes both tracks. They are both made in Europe … so what the hey ….

  12. Defiantly NOT soft start!!!
    The Dewalt Rep doesn’t like the sound at all, as I have said. Soft start is not like this at all. I have the Dewalt routers with soft start. Wonderful tool. It really is.
    I am going to see the rep this week to see if there has been any up dated info on the saw.
    PS I have been using the track saw and it has been working fine for me, but while cutting the grinding feels “off” and is getting worse.

  13. I purchased my Dewalt Track Saw a month ago and only started using it today. I bought mine off of Amazon. The tool cuts through plywood with ease. However I did notice the grinding and vibration in the tool as described before. I am going to take the blade off tomorrow and run the tool to see if it still has the same sound. If not, I will change the blade as I bought a second blade for the saw.. I believe I did notice some wobble to the blade. It was getting late so I could not investigate further. I will troubleshoot safely and let you all know my findings tomorrow.

  14. As described, I took the blade off and ran the saw, the motor sounded great. I adjusted the variable speed and it ran as it should. I then put in the replacement blade which was a bit thicker than the stock blade. The saw spun up and the grinding and vibration was there and a bit louder. I took off the face of the housing thinking it was the arm of the riving knife that was rubbing on the blade. When I checked the blade clear and seemed as though it had a little play with slight side to side wobble barely noticeable. I packed up the saw and contacted Amazon for a replacement which ships tomorrow. I will report on the new saw when it arrives.

    • Interesting to see if the replacement does the same things. Heard this happen to a couple of people. I wonder if it’s a manufacture defect or just a goody design. Thanks for the info

  15. Well, I got my replacement and started it up. The noise is there, however not as much as the first saw. The first one was comparable in sound and feel of ice in a blender……with less vibration. It is more noticeable on start up and when the blade spins down. Therefore I believe that this is the normal sound that this saw makes. Probably due to the higher RPM and smaller blade than that of a normal circular saw.. I am happy with my purchase though. It certainly as come in very handy with cutting panels for ceiling and breaking down plywood.

    • Thanks for the update. I still hear that noise in mine and it still works great. Like u said probably the higher rpm and smaller blade. I use mine for doors and plywood and it works great

  16. Hey I just replaced my saw today, and same as Adrian, there is still a slight vibration to the saw, but significantly less than the last 3 saws i went through. The comparison to “Ice in a blender” is dead on to the defect saws.
    I believe all is good with the saw now.
    By the way DEWALT was fantastic to deal with. I could not ask for better service. So a new saw had a glitch! they handled it like professionals..
    Hope all this chat helps someone..

  17. Thanks for the detailed review! I’m currently in the market for a new tracksaw, and will definitely keep this one in mind now.


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