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If you have been following us for a while, you know we love Keen Utility Footwear.  They are strong, lightweight and extremely comfortable.  We have done a couple Keen reviews in the past and they even won TIA footwear of the year in 2015.  Well we like them so much we decided to reach out to them again and try a couple different pairs.  We wanted to see how they hold up and really wanted to make sure it was the whole line of Keen Work Boots that rock and not just a couple different models.  So we tried the Atlanta Cool ESD, Omaha Low, Detroit and Braddock.

Now if you are not familiar with Keen, now would be the time to learn more about them.  We all know that if you are on your feet all day, the end of the day can be painful if you don’t have the right shoe.  However it’s always hard to find a great shoe.  You need a shoe that is lightweight, strong and comfortable, usually these don’t go together for work boots.  If you don’t have the right work boot, not only will your feet hurt, but it can effect your knees, hips and even your back.  Trust me, I have experienced this first hand.  When I was working on concrete all day, I could feel it all over my body.  It always made the next day hard to start off on the right foot.  Ha, see what I did there?

So let me introduce you to Keen Work Boots.  Not only are they stylish, but they are lightweight, comfortable and offer great protection.  Before I go on, one thing I really wanted to let you know about Keen Work Boots is the variety of boots they offer.  Keen not only has a ton of style options, but also soft toe or steel toe.  They also offer different protection types for their work boots.  Okay let’s talk about the boots.

Keen ShoesWhen Keen designed these work boots, they did it right.  All the boots we have tried have a ton of traction.  While other boots we have seen have a very thin sole, Keen didn’t cheap out.  They went all out and offered a nice wide sole, which means they should last longer.  Another cool feature to these boots is the toe.  I love how Keen designed these with a rubber part that comes up and over the toe.  We all know that this is pretty much the first thing to go on a work boot.  You are bending down on one knee and when you get up, it scuffs the toe.  With the Keen, the rubber part of the toe will protect it for a long time.  When I write about work boots, I always struggle because it’s not an easy topic to write about.  This is a product you just have to try for yourself to really see the difference.  With that said, all I can really talk about is my experience and what I have heard about them.

Recently we went to Vegas for the Kobalt 400.  Both Dan and myself wore our Keens on the trip.  We did a ton of walking around Vegas and even during race day, we were walking all over the place.  Kicker is we were pretty much walking on concrete.  Normally my feet would have been killing at the end of the day.  To my amazement, my feet were fine.  Also these were new, so I thought again they would hurt because they weren’t broken in, so I have to say just by the experience, I was sold.  Also we went to China and this was primarily my footwear of choice.  Again we did a ton of walking and I really can’t say my feet hurt.  The only thing that hurt was my head, but that was from Dan’s complaining about having to walk and get exercise.  As of today, Keen has really been the only shoe to last and one where I didn’t have any real problems with my feet.

A funny story, well maybe not funny, but true.  My mailman stopped by my house, which he does pretty much everyday to deliver mail and he noticed my Keen Work Boots.  He told me that he just got a pair about 2 weeks ago and he loves them.  Dan is one of those mailman everyone should have (No not Dan from TIA).  Dan is always cheerful, energetic and just a nice guy.  I know that doesn’t matter about the Keens, but just a point I wanted to bring up.  Anyways, he walks 14 miles a day.  So with that said, he has 140 miles on his shoes.  Again, he said the same thing, they have held up, they are comfortable and he loves them.  He started telling me how many pairs of shoes he goes through per year, which is a ton.  As of last time I spoke with him, he still loves them.  Now if a guy who walks for a living says something good about footwear, where do I go from there?  Actually I should have just started this article with that and could have finished it after that sentence.

Seriously, while Keen did provide us the Work Boots, they didn’t pay us.  This is just one of those products we strongly believe in.  They are quality products and made to last.  If you are looking for new work boots, check out the Keen work boots.  You won’t be disappointed.


  1. Ive been using timberland pros, i love them for a few years now, but i work in cold and wet environments and finally with them I found a boot that lasts, should look and see what keen has to offer


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