Bosch VAC090A 9-Gallon Dust Extractor

Bosch VAC090A

The Bosch VAC090A is a dust extractor that has been around in the Bosch line up for over 2 years.  However we never had a chance to try one out, so we figured what better time than now?  Dust extractors don’t only keep your shop or job site clean, but they can also offer protection and safety.  You can use bits like the Bosch speed clean which hooks up directly to this extractor.  Yes, you keep your area clean when going through concrete and also save time by drilling and extracting at the same, but it also protects the user.  The user won’t have to breath in any of that harmful concrete dust.  So let’s jump into the Bosch VAC090A.

Bosch VAC090A Overview

While some of us just look at this product as a dust extraction system which should be plain and simple, Bosch definitely did not.  Bosch set out to create one of the most powerful extraction systems.  In fact, it is the best in class combination of air flow and suction power.  The Bosch VAC090A doesn’t just perform dry pick up, but it can also be used for wet pick up.  However I was a little disappointed that it doesn’t come with the HEPA filter.  The unit comes with a VF100 which is designed for dry pick up only.  Yes, you can use it for small wet pick up, but in order for this vacuum to really shine, you need the HEPA filter VF120H.  If you decide to perform wet pick up, the system will sense the water level and automatically shut off at a certain level.  One feature I love about this unit is the 15 second interval cleaning cycle.  Every 15 seconds the filter does a blow back where it cleans the filter from debris and helps keep the suction at top peak.

On the front of the unit, you will see four important aspects of this vacuum.  The top most dial is to select whether you want to just run it as a constant on vacuum or an automatic extractor.  If you decide to do automatic, you can plug your tool right into this extractor which is located just below this dial.  When you turn your tool on, such as a table saw, the extractor will automatically turn on.  Just to the right of the dial, you can select your suction power.  Here is what’s cool about this unit.  Bosch designed this with a push button selector to turn on or off the automatic filter cleaning (AFC) system.  When the unit cleans itself, it can be rather loud, just like all the other extractors we have seen.  If you are an L-Boxx fan, you will be happy to know you can attach your L-Boxx right on top of the unit.  As far as the wheel assembly, the back wheels are big and the wheels not only rotate, but will also lock.

Bosch VAC090A Usability

Bosch VAC090AYou can have the best dust extractor, but if it’s a pain to use or doesn’t provide enough power, what’s the use?  No worries here with the Bosch VAC090A.  First the power is great.  Is it the world’s most powerful extractor,   It’s one of the best in its class.  However this takes it one step further.  The front of the system is easy to use and has a nice layout.  Turning the power up or down is straight forward.  The biggest item is having control over the Automatic filter cleaning.  Sometimes you really don’t need this option, so it’s great to be able to turn it on/off.  That way you don’t have to listen to it cleaning itself.  As far as the wheels, they are also great.  The back wheels are big enough to help keep it stable and prevent it from tipping over.  The front locking casters spin nice and do a great job.  As far as hose management, this is the one of the best we have seen.  The Festool also has a great hose management system.  With the Bosch, you can wrap the cord up and lock the hose in place.  This way when you are moving it around, you don’t have to worry about getting the cord or hose tangled up in something.  Once you put it in place, the cord and hose will stay there.

Bosch VAC090A Specifications

  • Air Flow 150 CFM
  • Amperage 9.5
  • Voltage 120V
  • Vacuum Suction Pressure 242 millibars
  • Length 20.5″
  • Width 14.5″
  • Weight 28.0lb

Bosch VAC090A Includes

  • 10 ft. Vacuum Hose – VH1035
  • Bend Nozzle – VX100
  • Power Tool Adapter Nozzle – VX120
  • Cellulose Flat Filter – VF100
  • Plastic Bag VB00P (1 Bag)

Bosch VAC090A Conclusion

In the end, I have to say I love this dust extractor.  While I wish it had some more tools that came with it, I do understand there really isn’t a point of including them since this is a dust extractor.  The suction is great and will help improve dust management with concrete, saw dust for your miter or table saw and more.  I really love the simple design.  You can use L-Boxxes, the hose management system is great and love the front set up, including being able to control the Automatic filter cleaning.  The second item is the HEPA filter.  What point is there to have a dust extractor if it’s just blowing junk back into the air?  It really defeats the purpose.  The third item is the filter cleaner where it blows back and cleans the filter.  This way, no matter what you are using it for, the suction stays constant.  After using this, I now know why they haven’t changed it in two years.  You can see the review and learn more on Amazon – Bosch VAC090A 9-Gallon Dust Extractor with Auto Filter Clean.





  1. Ok I’ve been looking for a dust extractor and this is one of the ones I was looking at! Great write up, I will be defiantly considering purchasing this guy. I intend to use the oneida dust deputy deluxe with it, and having the ability to turn off the auto clean is a plus. Yes the fact it does not come set up for hepa filtering is a miss, but we can fix that. Thank you TIA for the great timing on this post lol. #tiacrew

  2. Such a nice dust extractor, looks like it’s up there with the likes of Festool for the quality and features, great write up and video guys #TIACREW


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